Manual Transmission Shifting Problems After Overhaul

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Manual Transmission Shifting Problems After Overhaul

Unread post by zacthegreat5 » June 5th, 2016, 9:10 pm

Hello all.
Sorry for the following speal but I need to get all the details across loud and clear.

I have helped a mate swap out his box and transfer on his 2F powered 60 series. We sent the box off for an exchange reco from all4xfourspares and then used a rebuild kit from them also to get the transfer up to scratch and fitted a set of 44% reduction gears at the same time. We had the flywheel machined and fitted a Excedy heavy duty clutch kit with new pilot bearing and thrust bearing and later also replaced a dodgy clutch slave (so basically everything is good as gold).

Finally get the bugger back in and take it for a test run. All was going well. The pedal felt a bit dodgy (was easy then got hard then got easy again at the end so when releasing it almost bucked your foot off the clutch) but shifting perfect between all gears, into 4H fine but a bit difficult getting it out of 4L nothing too bad just being fussy I think. Then about 20 minutes into the trip went to downshift into 4th and it wouldn't go. Tried 3rd, nope. Come to a stop and struggled to get it into 1st and limp it off the road. Jump under to have a look, nothing is hot, nothing is leaking, the stick feels perfectly fine and shifts through all gears perfectly when motor is off but not while idling. So we thought could just be a teething issue and persevered, It come good after 5 or so minutes of just missing gears and carrying on and then went bad again later. I had a drive of it and I can drive without a clutch no worries and I was struggling with it. It was just odd. Just didn't want to shift but if you turn the motor off it does just fine.

We got it home and waited for the new slave to turn up as the one on it was a bit dodgy. Put the new one on and hoped it'd solve the problem. Still had a dodgy pedal feel, easy for the first inch of pedal travel then hard for the next 3 or 4 then the last 2 inches are just easy as pie, releasing it is the annoying part as its light then gets super heavy and about boots you off the pedal. The test drive revealed no fix.

A mate said the clutch plate might be in backwards and grabbing on the flywheel or the pilot bearing may be buggered and seizing up spinning the input shaft but we just pulled it all out tonight and everything is fine. So guys what do you all think? Where to from here? Its all still out as I don't see the point in refitting just yet till I get a few opinions
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Re: Manual Transmission Shifting Problems After Overhaul

Unread post by Shann Low » June 6th, 2016, 4:08 pm

To me it sounds like the clutch isn't fully disengaging when the pedal is depressed and as a result the input shaft is still spinning and the synchro-mesh cogs aren't being able to bring the gear cogs up to speed to mesh coz the input shafts not stopping.

It sounds like the springs on the clutch pressure plate are causing the clutch to still touch the flywheel while the engines running. You said you did the slave cylinder, but its it still the same master cylinder?

This suggests with the spongy pedal that the pressure plates not being fully disengaged from the clutch plate and flywheel.

I'd try a new master cylinder as well if not already done.

The fork is on the throw out bearing in the right spot?

Other than that, you got me!.

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