On the hunt for an HJ45/47 Project

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On the hunt for an HJ45/47 Project

Unread post by Hughesy1990 » April 2nd, 2017, 10:19 pm

Hi guys. First post.

Been looking around on the net for ages now and have decided to commit myself to 40 project. Only looking at diesels and not really fussed on 45 or 47. Going to do a proper resto not modify it. At the moment am still just on the hunt for a cheap one. Have my eye on one in Townsville but its too expensive for the amount of rust it has. I'm planning on doing all the work myself so wanting a half decent body. I can spray good enough for a 4wd, have a decent set of tools and am currently a mature age apprentice fitter so the rest of the work doesn't scare me (too much).

If anyone can point me in the right direction, or has a 40 they would sell, please let me know. Looking at the $1000- $2000 mark. Alternatively I would swap my 1981 hilux for one (valued approx. $2000). Or for one with a good body I'd consider swapping my Royal Enfield motorcycle (valued approx $8000).

Been absolutely loving reading through some of the other builds on this site. I plan on adding another great build here one day.


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