2003 Ford Courier TD 2.5 - any fix for creaking & old Susp?

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2003 Ford Courier TD 2.5 - any fix for creaking & old Susp?

Unread post by LyleStyle » February 27th, 2017, 8:41 am

Hey guys,

Currently have a 2003 Ford Courier 2.5 TD 4x4. It has around 200xxx on the clock and the suspension feels very tired and flogged out. I get a lot of creaking from the rear tray and the front feels like a boat when cornering.

The car is more a daily driver/work horse rather than 4x4 and doesn't spend much time off road.

Does anyone have any solutions to these issues? or any feedback on some good budget improvements?


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Re: 2003 Ford Courier TD 2.5 - any fix for creaking & old Su

Unread post by Peter Aawen » February 27th, 2017, 10:37 am

While most might not want to believe it, motor vehicle suspension, just like any other moving part on a motor vehicle, is a wear item & depending on how hard it's been used, at some stage WILL need service/maintenance & maybe even replacement!! Shock absorbers should be checked & usually either re-built or replaced at around every 100,000 km, altho you might get a little more out of the better quality shocks!! But most will have lost a lot of their original capability by the time they hit 100K, & some will be outright dead!! From what you are telling us, it sounds like your suspension has been neglected to at least the 'worn out' stage & so it could benefit from some new shocks & a little tender loving care!!

Going into it a bit further, fitting new shocks is likely to be the only real way you are going to have any significant effect on that boat-like cornering, & while you are there, the front suspension may even need a bit more of a clean up & rubber/bush replacement too (don't forget the stabiliser & link bushes) but you could maybe even go so far as to re-set the ride height back to its pre-200K old sagged level; it's unlikely to need anything much more (like new torsion bars/springs) unless you want to change the way it handles significantly &/or add some 'higher than std height'.

Since you are fitting replacement shocks up front, you need to do the same on the rear!! Once that's done, replacing the rear shackle bushes & the minor dismantling/re-assembly with fresh grease & a clean out that goes along with doing that will go a long way towards fixing the creaking issues, especially if you replace the rear leaf shackle pins with greasable replacements - that way if they start creaking again you can push a bit of fresh grease in there & keep them a luttle quieter for a while. But if you really want to knock any rear end creaking on the head, you'll probably also need to at least dismantle, clean, & re-pack the leaf packs!! That involves taking them off the vehicle entirely, pulling them apart, cleaning & maybe re painting them, and then re-packing them with appropriate lubricant/spacer pads between the leaves. If the leaves are tired & sagged, you might want to spring the $$ (yeah, I know, weak pun!) for getting them re-set, or you could look at upgrading them & maybe adding a little extra height... but that all starts costing!!

So your first step should be new shocks. Standard OE replacement shocks will work (for a while... maybe... & at a cost!) but std Monroe or similar good quality 'base level' shocks might be cheaper & work properly for longer (still only about 100K max, but at least you can expect them to still work to spec for that sort of distance/time!) You could upgrade your shocks beyond level that by visiting ARB or Opposite Lock, TJM etc for their various favourite brands, but NO quality of new shocks will be able do a great job UNLESS you also replace all those old perished rubber bits & bushes, so I'd suggest doing that step too is pretty essential.... from there on in it really comes down to how deep is your wallet & exactly how good do you want it to be?? The new shocks & bushes/rubbers all round should easily slide under $1K max using 'reasonable' quality gear & even less with you doing all the work; probably take a weekend tho, maybe 2?!? If you go for the better quality gear &/or getting someone else to do it all you can start thinking from $1.5K upwards; & really, the sky's the limit, depending upon how expensive your wants & needs may be! ;)

Good Luck! :thumb:
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