Mazda BRavo burning glow plugs - ideas why?

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Mazda BRavo burning glow plugs - ideas why?

Unread post by lowace » November 15th, 2015, 9:45 am

Hi all I purchased a 05 Bravo 2 weeks ago to tow our newly acquired camper. It required the usual fixes up for a second hand car with 270000kms like suspension bushes and shocks ect but overall it seems like it will do the job until I can upgrade in a few years. Anyways the reason I am posting as is it was running rough on startup first thing in the mornings so naturally I thought glow plugs and set about getting a set of eBay they are the kht brand which were a good price a $32.00 for the set.These only lasted for 3 days then the rough starting happened again I contacted the seller and they sent me another set for nothing as we thought I may have scored a dud set. I installed these on Friday and I went to start it this morning and they are dead yet again.I did a couple of checks with the multi meter and they are getting voltage on pre heat and when it starts for the first few minuets until it reaches a certain temp then the controller switches them off. The only thing I can see which may be a problem is that they are receiving 13.8 volts after the engine has started which seems like to much volts for the plugs ?. I have searched but cant find anything regarding what volts they should be running at could there be a dud regulator there somewhere. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Re: Mazda BRavo burning glow plugs - ideas why?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » November 22nd, 2015, 12:53 pm

That sort of voltage after start-up is likely simply the alternator doing its thing & putting out 'charging the battery' voltage after the starting load, which is perfectly normal & to be expected. If the Glow Plugs are the correct plugs, then that shouldn't be causing any issues!!

Are you sure you actually got a legit & genuine reputable brand from an eBay seller, or did you get a cheap knock-off? This sort of rapid fail is quite common on the knock-offs, altho they generally last a few weeks rather than days.... :(

Have you got a Gregory's or other workshop manual? If not, get one - Gregory's are pretty good & usually only cost $50ish, while OE Manuals can cost 10 times as much & need a degree in whatever garbaged combination of re-translated languages it's been written in, & even then they don't always make useful sense to the lay-person!! A good manual should tell you the expected voltages & duration of glow, as well as the expected/correct resistance of the plugs etc. Most glow plugs do go on hot with lots of voltage until the engine starts, then generally cut back to a lower 'maintenance voltage' which could last for some (or many) minutes &/or until the engine/block reaches the correct pre-set temperature before cutting out. If the glow control circuit isn't cutting the voltage at all or early enough, that extended glow period can cause the plugs to burn out rapidly. You need to find the correct specs for voltage, duration, & resistance & check that your glow control circuit is doing things at the right voltage & for the right times it should be; as well as also confirming that the glow plugs you are using are a quality brand in addition to being of the correct length, right spec etc.

It sounds like the supplier might be trying to do the right thing, but that's not to say HIS supplier is, or that you've actually got the right plug, let alone don't have any issues with the glow control circuit.

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Re: Mazda BRavo burning glow plugs - ideas why?

Unread post by chris_stoffa » November 22nd, 2015, 1:05 pm

Buy NGK ( 9034's) from Bursons or Repco for 35 -38 bucks a set and then you will KNOW it aint the glow plugs.

The equivalent Bosch if you have to , but the NGK's are readily available.

El Cheapo Injectors or glowplugs just aint worth the hassles IMHO ;)
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