Big bad American trucks. Any good?

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Big bad American trucks. Any good?

Unread post by ANGRY6 » May 21st, 2008, 9:07 pm

Whats the general consensus on the yank tanks? Ive been 4WD'ing in a mates standard Chev Z72 Off Road and was quite suprised see it walk all over sand and mud in 2wd!
Ive had my heart set on a '98 Dodge Ram 1500 ( seeing as im a MoPar boy ) and seriously think that it would devour any terrain once modded abit.

Thoughts fellas...


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Unread post by stets » May 22nd, 2008, 12:52 am

mate i am a yank and i have to say that if you want a full sized truck then ya cant beat a good ol yank tank so to speak, but for the mid size wagon range, suited to aussie tracks the 80 series and patrols do just as good. for beach and wider tracks the yank trucks still eat them tho. it comes down to your desired destinations and uses
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Unread post by toy yoda » May 22nd, 2008, 8:01 am

i think the title says it all
BIG and BAD!!!!!!
whilst as said there are some things they are good at, the are just too wide and too long and too heavy for a lot of tracks that you could like to travel on.
whilst you may think now that "yep it will do what i want" its a lot of $ to shell out to find that your not gunna be able to follow a cruiser or patrol to places

can be a little thirsty too
though bloody good truck to tow your new caravan ( oh yank vehicle..tow the trailer) or the boat ....nice on the boat ramp too

mate of mine has a boat the size or the bloody uss nimitz and his f250 is brilliant with it
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Unread post by Deep Fry » August 2nd, 2009, 9:48 pm

hi all,

I have to agree, my yank tank is fantastic on the beach, but those small 4x4 tracks can be a bit tricky, i went behind my place at ormeau 4 wheel driving with some forum members and it was a challenge, i broke my winch trying to pull myself up hills, they are just to big for that sort of thing, my truck has a long wheel base and a bad departure angle, you would need 60 inch tyers on it to be any good on those small tracks.
they are still a good 4x4 but it really is horses for courses, a less expensive vehicle for extreme off road like a landcruiser would have been better, it wouldn't matter if i crashed it, they are cheap to replace, the replacement cost for the effie would be $100,000.


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Unread post by Lee Fox » January 23rd, 2010, 11:30 am

im considering my options for the future as i will need more space as the billies get bigger. got an LN106 hilux and am hooked on the practicality of a dual cab.
i consider my options to be ext wheelbase cruiser/patrol or an effie (want a full size 4wd eg: as opposed to a navara or hilux, also no IFS)
from the people i talk to, fuel usage will be much of muchness.
an ext'd cruiser/patrol wouldn't be far off the same length as an effie would it?
i'd imagine the ext'd cruiser/patrol would have many of the same dramas off road as the effie?
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Unread post by 80? » January 25th, 2010, 9:53 am

yeah awesom but forget vic high country tracks. made for and maintained by Landcruiser utes. Anything wider/longer you are in trouble.
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Unread post by Brooko » January 25th, 2010, 2:44 pm

Can't go half the places Cruiser's Patrol's Hilux's Navara's etc can. People say they are better at doing this and that, the way I see it the money you save by buying a Cruiser or Patrol you could pretty much do what you want and still have money in your pocket.

Fuel consumption fact. 2005 Cruiser ute 1hz towing a car trailer and speedway car Vs. 200? F250 dual cab with chip and exhaust. We had same fuel capacity, drove from same place on the same day and I still had fuel to spare when we arrived the F250 didn't.

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Re: Big bad American trucks. Any good?

Unread post by rawprawn » April 25th, 2014, 2:58 pm

Here is my view on the F trucks.
I learnt to drive and did my license in a 1976 F100 LWB up in the Gulf of Carpentaria, also owned 1978 and 1981 f100 4x4 351c short and long wheel base trucks and still own F trucks 28 years later. Currently have a 2002 F250 XL 4.2l turbo diesel single cab tray back which is my daily drive/work vehicle which all my F trucks have been. Yep I love em. It cost me 38 grand with 200 000km on the clock which is hardly expensive these days.
The older ones were easy to keep on the road for the DIY with plenty of parts available but as fuel prices soared they became to expensive to run even on gas. However the power was un comparable on the beaches and tracks to anything else and the sound of a clevo through twin exhausts made the right foot heavy most of the time just for that rumble.
The F250 is much different especially on fuel. I now get 900-1000kms from 120L (140L tank) and can tow a 3T boat much easier than the 351 could. Parts are definitely more expensive and harder to get but the way I looked at it the savings on fuel more than make up for it, and when compared to Toyota parts is not excessive. It does not have the common rail injection system which can cost an arm and leg to fix, has wind up windows so less electrical problems to worry about. Most parts can be sourced from the states anyway if ever needed and much cheaper than here even with freight.
As for the comments I see with the weight and width of them I can assure you that its a myth. I have never found a track to narrow for them. When you get used to them you will be able to judge the width and easily miss trees ect by a few inches which feels like a foot at least. If your scared of scratches it wont matter what car is driven because narrow or thick 4x4 tracks will hand them out regardless. Yes shopping car parks are no go zones but there is always somewhere further away with room and less chance of copping a hit from the trollies or bad drivers. But then that's usually a job for the wife and her smaller car anyway.
On the beach the F250 is a pleasure to drive as much as the older ones and its wearing standard tyres. I can carry a full tray of camping gear with a car topper tinny and tow another boat without a worry on the beach. Some bigger rubber some day will improve it but for now its does the job. The only other additions may be a snorkel, suspension lift/upgrade if I ever decide to get larger tyres.
I have driven plenty of cruisers, hiluxes , couriers, Mitsubishis, explores out west when away working and I always wish I had an F truck instead.
Sure to be some who disagree but is as I said my view.

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Re: Big bad American trucks. Any good?

Unread post by Harb » April 25th, 2014, 4:13 pm

My Superduty is heavily moded....pretty much like all my trucks it will go where ever I am happy to take it.
The only limitation is size.....other than that, it will not stop

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Re: Big bad American trucks. Any good?

Unread post by smac » April 7th, 2015, 9:25 pm

I love the F trucks - really wish Ford (and Holden with the equivalent) had sold these things here in large numbers so there was thousands of them around 2nd hand - but ah well, such is life. I reckon a big ford would be awesome for getting away and towing the van.

What about the newer F150 ? the one that has the same front end as the Explorer? are they any good? there are a few on carsales for about $35k - seat 5

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