2002 Ford F250 Overhead Console

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2002 Ford F250 Overhead Console

Unread post by Plugg3r » August 27th, 2007, 6:58 pm

Basically looking around for the old boy, wants an overhead console so he can throw his UHF and such in it.

Anyone know any guys who make them?

Mikes F250
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Unread post by Mikes F250 » September 9th, 2007, 3:15 pm

Guys from Department of Interior (ad in most fourbie mags) built mine. I changed the layout for what I wanted. The 2nd last gold label edition had some better shots of the console in it as well. Mine is vacuum finished, strongly recommended compared with just upholstering it, it looks like a factory product. The only prob I had was the cross member up in the roof has stuff like expanding foam holding it to the roof, which from the weight of the console eventually pulls away. I pulled out the hood lining (remove all seats except the drivers to do this) & stuck the cross member with sixaflex back to the roof & let it set for 2 days before putting it all back together. Trust me, while the hood lining is out, run all the wires you want up to the console (I have wires in every pillar, front, center & rear). It also pays to glue/zip tie the wires running up there, as you will find, the wires "rattle" between the lining & metal roof. Also, run spare wires (I just ran a trailer 7 wire cable up there). I also have a CAT 5E data cable going up there as well (for the HF barrett). I got all the gauges together I wanted to put up in there, sent them down to the guys & they done all the cut outs to suit. The passenger side already has the cut out for a Barrett HF radio (ply is cut just sitting in there with the trim over it). There is a bit of weight up there & strongly recommend "re-gluing" the cross member to the roof. I looked around for awhile to find the best one & these guys do a faultless job.


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