Any feedback/advice/tips on 4.2TD F250's?

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Any feedback/advice/tips on 4.2TD F250's?

Unread post by khany454 » July 11th, 2016, 6:10 pm

hey guys just after anyone who could give me advice and experience with the 4.2td 6cyl f250s. looking at offloading my cruiser and getting one. would prefer the 7.3 but as im trying to start a business my budget wont get that far.
took one for a drive the other day and quite happy with how they perform but just after other info, tips etc.

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Re: 4.2td f250s

Unread post by Shann Low » July 11th, 2016, 11:39 pm

Could only help you with advice on the 7.3 sorry.

They do have their issues, they aren't cheap to run, service repair etc.

Whats a car battery worth?

The F 250 7.3 takes 2 of them! & they are pretty much unique to the F 250. Century N65D's!

Price them up and the best I could find online was $206 each (plus freight ex east of another hundred bucks ea).

Here locally the best I could find was 229 - 249 & up to 274 each.

I manage to buy a pair for $175 each wholesale thru a mate.

Any other vehicle a new N70Z is probably what - $110 tops & you only have to buy 1

The moment you mention F truck to ANY business, they add a grand to any quote just coz you look like your rich and can afford it if you own a F truck.

Got a quote to install a break controller...from the local 4wd place - $800 bucks.
Got one for nicks thru a mate and installed it myself for - total outlay $0.

Unless your going to do all maintenance & repairs and shop around and seek out the bargains etc - you;ll go broke trying to run a business with a F truck.

My IDM (Injector Drive Module) got wet crossing a creek once & half the V8 injectors (one entire bank of 4) stopped firing.

8 months without my truck, 3 different repairers & $15K later - & I got my truck back and oh yeah get this Ford wouldn't honor their warranty even tho they gave the repairers the go ahead to commence repairs, when it came time to pay they ran and hid.

Don't get me wrong - its the best car / truck i ever owned and I love driving it (outside the city on the open road and towing) BUT the fricken thing will send you broke trying to look after it.

Oil change anyone?

18 liters of oil later ($200) and a new oil Filter, air filter and fuel filter...($100+)

So $300 or $400 to do a basic service every 5000 km's (Doing it yourself, not paying someone else to do it coz that would be double or triple).

Want the software and dongle to diagnose your own engine & clear engine codes?

No worries.. just kiss another grand goodbye (The F trucks are non OBD 11 compliant - so you have to buy a unlock code in addition to the scan tool from Auto Enginuity on top of the normal purchase price.

F trucks don't fit onto a lot of car hoists - too big heavy wide etc, so often local tyre dealers can't / won't wheel align them.

Insurance costs a small fortune on them as does licensing & stamp duty.

Its a life experience owning a F truck - you REALLY have to love them to bother owning one.

IMHO the 7.3 is the only one worth owning. Looked after the engines are capable of more than 1,000,000, miles or 1.6 million kilometers.

Driving them around town?


They are too long and too shallow turning circle to get in and out of any drive thru servery, too wide to park in any normal parking spot & too tall to fit in any multi story or underground car park.

Put a trailer behind them and get out on the highway on cruise control and nothing beats them.

It's a real love hate relationship owning a F 250.

While I have had mine now for 10 years at Christmas this year, its done barely 5500 kms / year in that time... coz I take the camry wagon almost anywhere in the city in preference as a daily driver coz the bloody F trucks too damn big and expensive to run much.

I wouldn't mess with the 5.4 or 4.2, they are under powered and don't hold their value like a 7.3

The Indians across the road quoted me $100 to clean polish and detail our normal daily driver car... and 4 days and $1000 to do the same to the F truck.

Everything asdociated with F trucks is obscenely expensive.

I think these guys fitted my vacuum break away brakes system.. it was well over $3K..

Long ranger tanks were probably another $1K, Diesle gas conversion was around $5K..

2 x 100 liter 316 stainless steel water tanks etc, $11 grand.

EVERYTHING on a F truck is way out of proportion in cost - heck I think I copped luxury tax in the purchase price of the bloody thing and it's built in Brazil with rubber floor mats FFS! There's bugger all that's "Luxury" about them as a vehicle.

But when it comes to towing etc they will pull just about anything else out there on the road backwards thru its own exhaust pipe.

Oh yeah don't get bogged in one.... they are over 4 tonnes & sink like a stone - and when they do nothing much other than a cat 950 loader or Steiger Panther tractor is going to pull you out.
They are too wide to fit down most bush tracks without removing all your paint on the sides or you have to walk the track first with a chainsaw and hedge trimmer.
There's probably more that I forgot.

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