2007 D4D Injectors.......I have had a win!

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2007 D4D Injectors.......I have had a win!

Unread post by chuckybear » August 21st, 2015, 3:24 pm

About 18 months ago I bought myself a 2007 Dual cab lux. I spent quite some time looking and was confident I have good one. About 70,000km later, as things were getting cold, I noticed a faint injector tick while cruising at highway speed, when not under load.
Knowing the history of the dreaded I D4D injector knock, I went into my local Toyota dealer (Forbes, NSW) and asked how much for an injector test to be done.

As it turns out, unknown to me, there is a recall for the injector sealing washes on 06-11 hiluxs.
So out we go to the car park and they plug in the computer to my lux, explaining anything over +/- 3 And they start looking for problems, and +/- 5 is a dead injector, 0 is perfect. At nearly $500 for a genuine injector, I'm not feeling the love at that point.
Test run, results
1: 0.6
2: 1.6
3: 1.4
4: 0.8.
All well within limits.
So booked the car in the next day for the recall work.
New injector washes fitted, they dropped the oil and checked the oil pickup strainer for carbon, and new filter and oil.
All covered by warranty.
Not bad for a car 5 years out of warranty.
Also got the results for the injector test after the change out and all values had dropped into the 0's with number 4 at 0.0.
For a car that's done over 260,000km's I am stoked.
Also the service guys at the dealer were bloody good to deal with.
The service manager explained everything before starting, and gave what values etc they were looking, so I was confident that I wasn't getting the old "dealer rip off".
All up, one happy little Chappy.

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Re: 2007 D4D Injectors.......I have had a win!

Unread post by mydmax » August 21st, 2015, 6:17 pm

I cannot see how the readings of the injectors could have altered to be more favourable than the initial testing showed.
Perhaps someone can explain that phenomenon.

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Re: 2007 D4D Injectors.......I have had a win!

Unread post by rossimo » August 30th, 2015, 2:14 pm

It's been a very long time since I've had to deal with injector figures but from memory they are measured at mm3/sec, they measure fuel quantities the injector is putting in or pulling out as needed to compensate for other injectors. You may have 2 injectors, 1 at -5mm3/sec and 1 at 5mm3/sec. Both will most likely be replaced but one is usually the issue, the other is reducing/adding fuel to compensate for the other to achieve correct cylinder balance. This is trying to remember a diesel course I did at Toyota Australia around 5yrs ago so I might be a bit off.

But injector figures need to be read when cold as the figures will change as the engine warms up.

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