100 Series V8 fuel consumption - is this OK?

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Re: 100 Series V8 fuel consumption - is this OK?

Unread post by rodwb57 » March 26th, 2016, 5:16 pm

I went for a drive down to the Coorong 25/03/16 went up the freeway( it's really very steep) anyway I put my foot down like I was used to, well the toyota just took off, plenty of power down low now, and right through,cruising along once I got to the top, I tried Cruise control, for those that don't know 100 series V8's, in cruise any slight rise they downshift, then upshift like there is no tomorrow, nada, just stayed there in top(how good is this), even on some rises it stayed there Great stuff, I was sitting on 112 kph, so by rights I should have chewed through the fuel. I got 200 kilometers on 40 liters of gas, before it would have been about 75 liters plus of gas, my total range sitting on 95 kph before was about 250 to 280 kilometers for about 85 liters of gas, on the flat. I can hardly wait to give it a run along a flat road, just to see. I haven't tried the petrol yet

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