After advice on Turbo Proofing the 1HZ?!

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After advice on Turbo Proofing the 1HZ?!

Unread post by immaparko93 » February 14th, 2018, 2:29 pm

Hey Guys,

Basically i've got an 80 series with an aftermarket turbo. Tuned with low psi and healthy EGT (nothing over 550 post-turbo).
390,000km on the clock. Turbo was fitted 50,000km ago and the head was reconditioned, and a boost compensator was installed on the pump.

I've done a 12HT build in a 75 ute and LOVED the whole process.
I began considering a 1HDT swap into this wagon, but I've decided to properly build a 1HZ turbo because:
- Pump already has boost compensator
- engine isn't showing signs of failure, and only has a mild tune
- 1HDT's are just too expensive.

From what I gather, turbo pistons are the main ingredient to help the 1HZ handle the pressure more. Any other thoughts?
I'm not going to fuel it up to buggery and run 20psi, I want good honest guts in an engine I can trust.

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