How to get more power out of old hilux's

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Re: How to get more power out of old hilux's

JCF wrote:Hello everyone, i own a 1992 model hilux and i want to know what other people have done to get more power out of a 2.8 litre, non-turbo engine. I have been told that my model is too old for a turbo and that bits and pieces will start breaking, im seeking for more opinions on this topic!


I have used this stuff to de-carbon entire engine, fuel system, I recommend it 100% got the power back and with de-sludge engine, then adding the AW10 to fresh oil made the engine, gearboxes, transfercase, and both diffs too. I couldn't, believe the difference. FTC is the decarbon stuff u just add the prescribed amount into your fuel tank. It clean out from tank to exhaust tip by chemically desolving all carbon, just drive it normally. Also power clean will Lube Injector pump and injectors. These product were developed for the mining industry for both high altitude and underground mining. Reduces emission and save fuel. Cheers Ruu

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Re: How to get more power out of old hilux's

thanks Ruu, this is what i have been looking for. I have orded the decarbonizer and AW10 and ill keep you updated with the progress.

Unread postby JCF » January 29th, 2012, 7:46 pm

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Re: How to get more power out of old hilux's

I have an 89 model lux with the 2.8 diesel in it, i am fitting a turbo to it aswell. I have played with turbo systems before but not on diesels. Do i need to up the fuel mixture? i have heard if i go too much it will go bang. How do i go about this?
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