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Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 9th, 2012, 6:02 pm
by blumanski
Hi guys,

I am scared about about my Holden Jack 3.0l turbo diesel... (215k on the clock)

It started to blow heavy black smoke, that smoke comes up when I change gears or even if I just press the accelerator in idle.
It also looses power and runs rough.

If I push the accelerator hard down it feels like it gets to much fuel and drowns in it.

Another thing is that the engine light turns on after I drive for about 2 minutes and it turns off after five minutes.
I am not driving it anymore as I do not want it make worse.

A RAC guy had a look at it and he seemed to be clueless, he said may the injector pump.
I didn't want to tow the car to a mechanic and then have no money to fix it.... so I got a guy from Lube Mobile Mechanics to have a look at it.

He said he can't see black smoke...,
"of course there is black smoke..."

However, he cleaned the EGR valve but no change at all. He also mentioned that the turbo is about to go slowly and the injectors as well.

May related to the issues:
Some month ago I had the car overheating and I brought it to a mechanic, he said that an o ring was missing on a pipe which goes into the motor block, just behind the aircondition comporessor. He said that somebody did work already on that spot :-(

OK, the coolant is still leaking after he did fix the issue, it seems to be the same spot as before.

Additional: the coolant is green and seems to be not mixed with diesel but it smells stronger as in the coolant bottle.

The oil looks alright to me so far, last service is 15k kilometers ago (i know, i moved it past Christmas), i use penrite 5-40 diesel oil.
Car needs desperate a full service.

Thank you for your time


And to have the full sound of it, the video

Usually the car gets a full service all 7k.

See photos below and the video for sound check.




From under the car



Re: Jackarro 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 9th, 2012, 6:53 pm
by muddy deo
i'm not sure of the symptoms, but i have read ALOT of info on different forums that the 3.0 litre in the jacks were a very unreliable motor. sorry to tell you. something to do with the oil system through the injectors. the injectors use the oil pressure to run the injectors, i'm not sure exactly, but someone on here should be able to help you out more.

another thing i read, holden recalled the injectors on these back in the day, it's possible yours was never done and that they will still do it (but i don't know about it if damage has already been done to the motor) you can call holden with your VIN number and apparently they will let you know if it has been carried out on your vehicle

good luck with it

Re: Jackarro 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 9th, 2012, 7:09 pm
by blumanski
Thanks muddy,

the injector o rings was done in 2006 but they "should" be changed all 80k kilometers i read.
I have the car for a year and it drove great for 35k kilometers. Its a good car, i don't mind pay for new injectors but hope I have no crack in the motor as the coolant is leaking...

Re: Jackarro 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 17th, 2012, 1:54 pm
by jellis
looks to me like you might have a bit of a boost leak around the black braided hose coming off the intercooler id check that to see if it fixes your lack of power and black smoke problem.
im not to sure about the coolant tho i know on the 4j1bt's they had a water cooled oil filter housing and i had a small crack in my hose so it might be a similar thing.
good luck tho

Re: Jackarro 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 19th, 2012, 8:26 pm
by cmar
This engine uses a Caterpillar injection system. And yes pressurised engine oil is used to actuate the injectors so using the correct oil, and changing it by the book is essential. It seems that the Caterpillar system on these engines was not a happy marriage with the Isuzu engine and many people had many problems with them including, injectors self destructing, coolant in the oil, oil in the coolant, diesel in the oil, which raised the oil level to the point to where the PCV valve sucked it into the engine, where the engine would run on uncontrolled until it went bang.

I would seriously consider changing the injector O rings again they are the only thing keeping he fluids where they should be.

Re: Jackarro 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 20th, 2012, 2:25 pm
by blumanski
I had the car serviced today, the 200k service including diagnosis by Holden.

Quote from Holden:

- Water pump - replace
- Hoses leaking - requires replacement
- Top and Bottom radiator hose replacement
- Injector service due
- Throttle body service
- Front Pads and Skim


- Turbo


Here is what they say:

Turbo leaking - requires urgent attention
- They say that is a mega job and would take 7 hours at least, they suggested to go to a turbo specialist and estimated 1200 Dollars.

I did buy the part already "RHF5 Turbo Cartridge Trooper Bighorn Jackaroo 4JX1 3.0L"
They say some bolts and gaskets are missing for the part, cant cost the world i guess to get them.

Bought the part for 200 dollars over ebay.

Is a good car but eats my hairs, last "service", $3000 for new shocks, timing belt and service, just 4 month ago, they didnt mention anything else...

I sell it after fixing or drive it untill it dies somewhere far away from home :-D

Re: Jackarro 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 20th, 2012, 7:56 pm
by cmar
Pretty much all of that apart from the injectors you can do yourself. The turbo units are actually not that hard to rebuild with a kit from fleabay. There are plenty of instructional videos on youtube and believe it or not some are actually quite good.
I would go to a good diesel specialist for the injectors.

Re: Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: January 21st, 2012, 7:40 am
by muddy deo
maybe get a second independant opinion too. i once took my rodeo to a local reputable shop for a 'squealing' noise on acceleration, i was pretty confident it was an exhaust leak. when i picked it up few hours later their response was 'the turbo wastegate is jammed and that is causing the squealing, cost about $1200 to recon the turbo etc'. i bought it home, had a think about it and thought there's no way that would be causing it. got a small spanner out, put it on the wastegate actuator arm and tried it, free as anything (apart from the normal spring from the actuator)

took it then to an exhaust shop, asked them to fix the manifold leak, and all good now.

moral of the story, people can make BIG mistakes sometimes. and i know how hard it is to find a good mechanic. especially one of the big dealers (Holden, Toyota etc). up my way one the local dealers has a reputation for stuffing up quite a bit. including very recently, forgot to install an oil seal (can't remember if it was engine, gearbox or diff) when the guy got home it dumped oil all his driveway. same thing happened to another guy i know too.... caused by the same dealer but different town.

goodluck with it mate, hope you can sort it out relatively cheaply

Re: Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: February 7th, 2012, 4:56 pm
by dirtdiggler
I think with 215k's on the clock the injectors could be getting a bit tired, problem is these units are not servicable and you would need to buy new replacements at around $500 a pop. When a holden stealership says "injector service" they mean tipping a bottle of wynns injector cleaner into your fuel tank - don't be fooled. You're best to live with a bit o' smoke and inefficency unless you want to keep the car for a lot longer and get your money's worth out of a new set.

I would look at the turbo first before any of that other stuff. A rebuild may be in order. Don't let holden do this job - take it to a diesel mechanic, and preferably one who knows about the 4JX1 motor. Be careful about buying IHI turbo bits on ebay - there are a lot of counterfiet parts going around. I don't know if they're no good (I put a fake turbo on mine and it goes alright but I think a bit down on power), but you should be aware of the risk and whether or not you are buying fake or genuine.

Love the RAC guy that reckoned it must be the injector pump - what a clown. (der, it doesn't even have an injector pump).

Re: Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: April 2nd, 2012, 9:46 pm
by blumanski
Follow up:

I had the car now at Fuel Injection in Fremantle, he had straight the right idea, The MAP Sensor was gone.
Cost me 550 Dollars to fix it and the car is going like never before...

I brought it in with 30 KW and it came out with 70 KW.

Thanks guys

Happy Chappy

Re: Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: May 14th, 2012, 1:18 am
by blumanski
Another follow up

After that fix above i brought it to another mechanic to put in a new water pump and replace the radiator hoses.
After all that it came still black smoke but pretty powerful.

What started now was that the red engine light came on and on acceleration it turned off. After all what I read and from feeling I thought it's may airflow as on acceleration the engine light turns off again.

The light came on all the time, on off, on off....

I brought it back to the diesel specialist and it took two days until I got the car back, they replaced the "hrottle position sensor" and the engine light is not coming on again.

The black smoke is still there. Sometimes a lot sometimes just little. If I drive 100 on the freeway and put the food down I can see thick black smoke in the passenger mirror.

I will give it soon to a mechanic and to check the EGR valve and anything to do with airflow. I believe that it is not as fuel efficient as it was.

Any further suggestions what too look at?

ps: May important to know that the last mechanic recommended to change the rocket gasket as it leaks engine oil, another point on my fix list....

Re: Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector

Posted: June 24th, 2012, 12:39 am
by blumanski
And here the story ends....

Just last week, car starts but only paff paff paff with ********s of white smoke....
Rac guy meant it would be the glow plugs.

However, I drove the car for two weeks, it was starting good, even at 4 degrees out in the morning, I just had to accelerate straight after the car came.

I had a diesel guy looking for the glow plugs, something felt wrong about this guy.

However, since then i had a diesel smell standing in front of the car. I still drove another week with good performance but always that diesel smell, the coolant low and the oil overfilled....

I brought the car to another mechanic just for a service including coolant flush and here it was, diesel in the coolant. car gone...

After putting 5k in to it, I am not willing to spend another dollar on it. ... parts.html

Re: Jackaroo 98 Diesel - Injector - Black Smoke problem

Posted: September 5th, 2018, 11:04 pm
by RichWish
Re Black smoke problem.
Someone has reversed the two vacuum rubber pipes that control the Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve.
Test it by removing the tube to the EGR unit and block the rubber tube with a small ball bearing (not too far into the tube). Replace onto the EGR fitting.
If no more black smoke you need to trace the tube back to the control valve under the intake manifold.
Reverse the two flexible tubes there (bit of a pain to get to but what the heck) and remove the ball bearing at the EGR valve. Chances are a mechanic has knocked them off the fittings and replaced them back the front.
The manual shows the left hand drive model so it is possible the pipes are the issue if someone used the diagram as a guide.
Overheating with the smoke problem is due to the huge rush of fuel being burned. Running like this too long will also deposit carbon into the manifold and could clog the air flow. Difficult to remove but if you have left it idle there would be no problem.
You may need to replace the flexible tubes (pipes) at the control valve end as they tend to go hard and slip off very easily.

I had some "experts" replace all the pipes on my Jacka. Handed back the vehicle and charged $79 for the unfinished job with some pipes not replaced at all.
The ball bearing did the trick to analyse whether the EGR valve was "faulty". The rest was history. Hardly worth mentioning they lost my business for all 3 of my vehicles from that time.

Hope this does it for you.