delica?V6 or diesel? Any expensive probs in general?

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delica?V6 or diesel? Any expensive probs in general?

Unread post by GQconvert » August 2nd, 2014, 3:06 pm

Help me Mitsubishi owners please!

I am looking at selling my beloved GQ Patrol and getting a Delica. You heard right! I Need the room for two growing boys and dont drive off road as seriously or often as I used to so the van makes sense. Please tell me about ANY problems you may know with the mechanicals of all models, what to avoid, what year models are best, quality of fittings, what breaks easily or anything else. I cant wait to hear about as im really keen to get one but wont if its not worth my while .

Thanks all,
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Re: delica?V6 or diesel? Any expensive probs in general?

Unread post by cmar » August 20th, 2014, 8:55 pm

The diesel is the same 4M40 as used in the Pajero and some Tritons.
The petrol V6 is the same 3L 24 valve unit as used in Tritons and Challengers.
They have the same super select trans case as used in Pajeros.
Most of the running gear is a mix of Pajero and Triton stuff, much of it interchangeable once you work out which bits are which.

The bad
The 2.8 diesel even in turbo form struggles a bit to push the 2.0 tonne brick around and is not particularly fast, economical, or reliable, as they seem to suffer from a lot of overheating issues. Whether this is because the cooling systems were not designed for Australia, or due to poor maintainence in Japan seems to be a subject of much debate on the Delica forums but if you buy a diesel look very carefully, and be prepared to replace the head gasket (blown) or head (cracked) at some time in the future.
Check the plastic overflow bottle religiously as it is a pressurised part of the cooling system and subject to failure, if it fails, see the line above.
Both early and later models suffered with leaky seal problems in the diesel injector pump, the only real fix is a pump strip and reseal with viton seals which fixes the problem permanently. Find out if this has already been done or factor ~$1500 in to the price. Later models with the electronically controlled injector pump can suffer from injector pump problems which are actually related to the rectifier failing in the alternator, this will require a new or rebuilt alternator.

The petrol V6 is much more powerful and only slightly more thirsty than the diesel, and more reliable, it lacks the low down torque of the diesel however. It is a timing belt engine and must have the TB replaced every 100,000 Km, don't count on it being done on an import, and don't go by the speedo mileage as they are often wound back.
Some models were subject to rust in the roof particularly around the sunroof and the skylights on crystalite roof models. They are also subject to rust in the front chassis rails which are built up from laminated thin stamped sheet. Otherwise they seem to be pretty good. Check any intended purchase carefully.
The dual aircon has been known to play up.

The good
They have LOADS of room inside, they are comfy and well equipped, they have a nice soft ride. The dual aircon is good as long as it is working OK. They are surprisingly good off road once you make a few minor changes. Many people in the Delica club have taken them in some quite out of the way places including across the Simpson or up Cape York etc with few issues. Most parts are off the shelf, Pajero, Triton, or Mitsubishi Van, the rest you can get from the Delica shop, Jap import wreckers, or flea bay.

The so,so
Because of the semi cab over design doing any engine work is a right bastard, so if you pay to have your car serviced it will cost a bit more, if you do it yourself it will take a bit longer, and be prepared to skin a few knuckles, and say a few words. Pretty much everything is hard to get to or at!

And yes I do know somene who has one, a good friend, who has put about 100,000 pretty hard Km on a 99 model, 2.8 diesel, he has had the fuel pump and alternator issues and a bit of rust in the roof, otherwise it has been a pretty good car for him and his family, and they have taken it on quite a few trips.
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