Hoping to buy Mitsubishi 4wd.

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Hoping to buy Mitsubishi 4wd.

Unread post by trevor715 » January 12th, 2013, 6:56 pm

Hi guys, My names Trevor, I currently own a 2005 jeep Cherokee CRD Auto, that I'm absolutly sick and tired of fixing every couple of weeks. Once I get this latest issue fixed I'm hoping to sell it and buy a Pajero. I'm not sure yet if I want another diesel or a petrol. I was hoping someone could fill me in on any problems with both petrol and diesel and what year did mitsubishi start useing common rail diesels.
Thanks guys, hope to see you out on the tracks.
Trevor Holmes.

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Re: Hoping to buy Mitsubishi 4wd.

Unread post by Aussie_Dan » January 12th, 2013, 10:39 pm

Gday Trevor.
With Diesels you want the 3.2 DiD. Great motor....
They hit our shores in 2002 in the NM model and continued through to the end of the NP model in mid 2006. The NM / NP is pre common rail. Dumb mechanical injectors (direct injection of course) driven by a Zexel rotary pump.
In 2006 the NS model came and common rail injection was introduced.
I have an NP DiD with manual gearbox and can report that it gives excellent fuel economy. No lack of power either, they go really well....
The only thing that needs attention on these NM / NP diesels is the top timing chain guide. There have been occurances of the nylon chain guide breaking away (once the engine us up around 200K on the clock) and over time the chain then runs on the metal frame of the guide, eventually shearing it off. If this piece gets caught in the timing chain its game over - head rebuild at best, or a full engine rebuild. But this guide is about $25 to buy new and about an hours work to replace on the NM / NP. Valve clearances are supposed to be adjusted every 45K so it is then just a matter of inspecting the guide whilst you have the rocker cover off. So there really is no excuse for letting this chain guide destroy your engine.
This sums up literally the only problem with the NM / NP 3.2 engine that I am aware of.
Further on from the engine though, 3.2's with a manual gearbox use a dual mass flywheel (DMF). DMF's are prone to failure no matter what make or model of car, it's not just a Pajero thing.... It's about a $2K job, parts and labour to replace with a solid flywheel and new clutch to solve this issue for good.
Common rail NS's with Auto trans have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) in the exhaust which can give trouble if the car does not get a good run on the highway regularly to burn the crap out of it. The early NS's also had an issue with the design of the inlet manifold where Exhaust gas recirculation soot would block the port to the manifold pressure (boost) sensor. Mainfolds were replaced under warranty to a revised design if running problems were apparent.
In my opinion if your budget can't stretch to a 2009 model NT (auto or manual with the revised common rail engine -147Kw on tap), stick with the pre-common rail NP (121Kw, auto or manual) but try and get a 2004 onwards model with the full traction / stability control system, OR find yourself a nice NS with manual gearbox to avoid the DPF issues that the auto suffers.
I hope this helps :)

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