'09 Grand Vitara JT or '09 Jimny

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'09 Grand Vitara JT or '09 Jimny

Unread post by pomma84 » April 27th, 2012, 11:32 pm

Good mornig all,

I am by all means a virgin to 4WDriving and as such, I humbly seek help from you all. After compromising by not purchasing a 4x4 ute, I have searched high and low for a small 4wd that my girlfriend will feel comfortable driving during the week and that has the grunt to work the tracks aswell.....this has led me to two particular Suzuki's within our budget, the 2009 Grand Vitara JT 3dr and the 2009 Jimny.

I know they are both capabe enough, but I want to try and tip the scales in the direction of one over the other so I can make a final decision and move into the 4x4 world.

Please help provide some guidance.


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