Buyin a disco...advice

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Unread post by XJmitch » February 6th, 2010, 8:15 pm

Look at XJ Jeep Cherokees 94 onwards,1600kg,s/disco 2700kg,s.Jeep 4.litre motor,disco 3.5.Jeep galvanived panels fibreglass tailgate and cost $3/5000 bucks.Visit and compare.Good luck.

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Unread post by BigDutchy » February 7th, 2010, 9:58 am

I had the top of the line 1997 Disco v8. Bought from first owner. All log books in place.
I had ongoing cooling issues and done a diff.
More or less swapped it for a 1989 Maverick........I never looked back and haven't seen a tow truck since......

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Unread post by dazzler66 » February 7th, 2010, 12:22 pm

Disco_S.two wrote:No you're not. You're saying that because yours was bad, they all are. And that is simply not true.

Sitting outside the little spat I cant see where he is saying that at all. He is saying two things;

1. His disco was unreliable
2. The D2/TD5 has a reputation for being unreliable (and as a result LR in general).

Now that may not be true, but it is the reality, and even the most adoring fan of LR should be able to see that.

I would happily have a D2 TD5. But I know its not built as well as a jap car and seeing as I can fix things myself, I dont mind the attention they need.


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Unread post by Disco_S.two » February 8th, 2010, 11:56 am

dazzler66 The original question was asking about the 3.5V8 D1. Responses were given relating to the Td5 D2. That's about as useful as comparing a D4 to a SIII. About the only similarity is the badge.


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Unread post by allivu » February 10th, 2010, 12:04 pm

XJmitch wrote:Look at XJ Jeep Cherokees 94 onwards,1600kg,s/disco 2700kg,s.Jeep 4.litre motor,disco 3.5.Jeep galvanived panels fibreglass tailgate and cost $3/5000 bucks.Visit and compare.Good luck.
Nah mate, had a look at a few jeeps and their too small for a family (IMO).
Havin a look at a 2000 v8i in the next week or so, its actually my bosses old car and he's had it since new. only thing I have ever seen go wrong was the computer crapped out and was replaced with a new one about 4 years ago.

What should I be looking for as far as things to make me turn the other way on this model? where do they rust? other than windows, what other elecs play up?

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Unread post by LandRover-Biohaz » May 13th, 2010, 6:38 pm

mr_diesel60 wrote:Sounds like you may have picked up a bit of a Lemon there mate. I think that this can happen to any make of car (except Toyota of course:D). However, I believe that where there's smoke there's fire so maybe Land Rovers aren't as reliable? Same as the 3.0L Patrols. There are people happy with their car, but plenty who aren't (Another one in the Cars Guide on Friday).

For me, well when you buy a Toyota you know what you're going to get. You pay for it, but looked after it's good for 1 million clicks.

I wouldn't knock back a military spec Defender though.....

Yes toyota reliable :crazy:
If toyota;s are so reliable then how does our mate break things so simply yet is a service fanatic?
And why did i when in echuca in 2000 come across a bloke with a spanking v8 cruiser 100k worth with a sticker on the back "Oh what a lemon.. TOYOTA!"

Landrovers are INCREDIBLY reliable cars when they are taken care of correctly and with the workshop manual 99% of things can be done at home. YES there can be electrical faults, more commonly with the lucas distributer fitted models, and earlier ones in a series DO have more difficulty. With a disco id go for 94-99 as most electrical problems have been fixed in the factory, they have done less kms so the problems ALL cars have after a point are less likely (eg: starter moter around 300,000kms) If you want to go cheaper and earlier, if its close to or over that find out if it has been changed, and if your a Land Rover owner or want to be check out Les Richmond Automotive for cheap parts and excellent advice.
I love Julian and his '86 Rangie "Drangonfly"

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Re: Buyin a disco...advice

Unread post by Hocks » June 30th, 2011, 10:12 pm

I have a 1994 TDI Disco and its the best 4wd I have owned and no, the others were not.
I have had it for a year nearly and apart from a bit of a leak from the gear box, I dont have any complaints.

What ever vehicle you get there is always lemons and good models. Just as much with Nissan and Toyota.

The fuel consumption of the disco is great, near 1000 per tank, on a 90L tank, wont get that in either a Patrol or Landcruiser. Plus its a very comfy ride and has a great turning circle. Almost all of my friends in the U.K who run competitions, all drive Landrovers.

That said its not the biggest and you'll have more room in a cruiser or Patrol.

They all have there weaknesses and strengths.

I'd choose a Diesel over a petrol but at the end of the day, its your choice.


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Re: Buyin a disco...advice

Unread post by allivu » April 14th, 2012, 9:43 pm

well for anyone who is still interested in these posts, let me update you...

My bosses disco was sold to someone else before he let me look at it (spewing) so the wife and i started shopping around and beleive it or not she actually fell in love with a rav4. since i had a hilux for a few years i knew how good toyota's are so we lashed out and bought it which i must say has been a great car.

I ended up taking her vq statesman off her when i wrote of my hilux :( and am now searching for another 4wd as i miss the weekend fun.
I've taken a better approach to looking and have decided im after a disco again but this time it MUST be either the v8i around the 94-96 model and i'll be looking for a fairly clean one which i'll be setting up for some fairly serious fun.
I've been trawling all the usual places and it looks like i can get a decent one between $3500 & $5000 depending on options and kms.
i've left myself plenty of time to find one as i wont be purchasing one till august when the ATO make that nice deposit in my account.

anyway thanks heaps for all the comments (helpful/not/or just plain funny)

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