what goes wrong with the 200-300tdi

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what goes wrong with the 200-300tdi

Unread post by highflyer » January 18th, 2012, 4:35 pm

I am considering getting a discovery prob a 200tdi would be in my price range, it will be my first 4x4 and want something reliable, good on fuel, every one says dont touch one but no one can tell me the exact reason why, so what goes wrong with the tdi engines 4 everyone to say they are crap??

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Re: what goes wrong with the 200-300tdi

Unread post by ERASER » January 18th, 2012, 5:04 pm

There not crap. There actually pretty good. Lots of landies getting around with over 500000 k's on them now and still running sweet.
Anyone that says they're crap and cant back it up with why is just an idiot anyway. Dont listen to them.
Get a inspection done by a land rover specialist, if they say it's ok buy it.
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Re: what goes wrong with the 200-300tdi

Unread post by Guest » February 11th, 2012, 8:25 am

I have a 300tdi and I love it, stock standard one of the most under rated 4wds about and will easily keep up with other modified trucks. You'll get about 750km to a tank for diesel and as long as you keep up then general maintenance then there won't be an issue. Is it a rocket? No. closer to a slug so you won't be winning any drag races but the gearing is set up well as long as you don't go to big on wheels. Plenty of power though to get you places it'll just take a little longer.
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Re: what goes wrong with the 200-300tdi

Unread post by Disco_Balls » February 14th, 2012, 5:03 pm

I'll back Mark up on this!

The 300Tdi is an absolutely brilliant donk, like anything mechanical, good maintenance is the key! The timing belt crankshaft pulley has an upgrade from its OEM pulley, It has a lip machined around the outer edges to keep the belt in place, there has been cases of the belts coming off the pulleys and doing bad things, hence the upgrade, most 300's that have had their belts changed, will or should have had the upgraded pulley installed, if you are looking at a truck that has over 200k+ kms on it, you could almost be safe in assuming that it has the upgrade, best to check with the previous owner, obviously.

My truck has recently turned over 300,000kms, Ive put around 70k on it in under 2 years, it has been around Australia towing a caravan with its previous owner and I can honestly say, I dont think I could have bought a better bit of gear!
The donk does not burn up one drop of oil between changes, the auto doesn't slip or flare (has a larger aftermarket oil cooler fitted also), though, I do have rattles and sqeauks that need attention from rigourous 4WDing and beach driving.

The only real major concern with the 300 is overheating, they dont like getting hot, proper maintenance of the cooling system will be more than sufficient to keep the OH gremlin at bay, some truck owners swap out the OEM radiator with a larger core job, but the factory radiator is more than fine. Had the Disco getting a bit hot under the collar at Fraser, it was working pretty hard driving on the soft sand at high tide, but a couple of minutes to let it have a breather (idling) the temps were sweet and we were off again.

I'd recommend it if you plan on or intend on boosting and fueling up the Tdi (wouldn't press much passed 18psi, they are capable of more, but longevity of the engine is comprimised), A larger I/cooler will be required along with EGT guage, some guys have had EGTs up around the 500deg mark and thats just way too high!

These engines are not intended for drag cars! LOL they do take some pedalling, but do do the job. With is lack of grunt, overtaking is all but a non-event, so take care.
My Disco has an aftermarket turbo kit and 2.5in exhaust fitted, Its still not fast, but it has power where its needed and has more than enough grunt offroad, though I will be looking into an upgraded I/cooler and "tickle up" sometime in the near future :cool:
My truck averages in the vicinity of 9.3 to 9.8ltrs/100km, on average I get around 9.5's but have had it at 8.4ltrs!!! Mind you that was daily highway commuting and very careful driving, cruisng at 90km/h and unladden, not bad for a baby diesel pushing along a constant AWD 2tonne vehicle!

Like was mentioned already, whoever tells ya that these engines are crap, have no idea what they are talking about or are more than likely POOTROL owners! LMAO
Talk to any Landy owner, Repairer, workshop etc and ask the real world people whats what with these engines!
Mistreat them, they will return the favour, like any engine will ... simple :)

You will not find a better truck to own, they have their unique characteristic "issues" ... but as a whole package, they are great all-round and EXTREMELY capable trucks ... As an aside, I paid $5000 for mine to BTW ;)

Cheers and beers :drink:


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