4runner engine transplant???

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4runner engine transplant???

Unread post by JordanK » July 22nd, 2008, 4:57 pm

hey guys. i have a 94 4runner with the 2.8D engine. just went and got a quote on putting a turbo on it. by the time i do the clutch and injectors and get the turbo fitted I'm looking around the $5000 mark. now that made me think how much would it cost to throw in a 3 litre turbo diesel out of a hilux in. my 2.8 has 257 000 on the clock now so she is getting a little long in the tooth for a turbo. or so I'm told.
iv been told the 5L ( 3 litre turbo ) out of the hilux before 05 fits straight in.
any info would help heaps.

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Unread post by 894runa » July 23rd, 2008, 9:52 am

Whoever you spoke to might be a bit confused.

The factory 3 ltr turbo found in hiluxs is the 1KZ-TE motor. This is a totally different motor (and far far better) one than the 5L, which is also about 3 ltrs in capacity, but it was never factory turboed. It is just a continuation of the L series diesels that started 30 odd years ago (the "3L" 2.8 ltr probably being the most well known). The closest the 5L has come to any sort of 21st century updating is the addition of electronic management for the injector pump (motors with this given the designation 5L-E).

To make it all confusing, at one point the hiluxs were offered with both the 5L and 1KZ-TE and the badging on the driver's door for the 5L just said 3.0D while the 1KZ-TE just had 3.0TD.

The 5L should generally bolt in without too much fuss into a hole where a 3L once sat, but the 1KZ-TE is certainly far from a simple swap. The gearboxes are different, engine mounts etc. Ferremit on this forum is currently swapping in a 1KZ-TE into his old hilux that had a 3L so ask him how easy it is!

What your mechanic may be meaning is to get a 5L and just put an aftermarket turbo on that.

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Unread post by ferremit » July 23rd, 2008, 3:50 pm

yeah... im stupid- Its currently up to nearly $9K and its still just a motor tac welded into a chassis!

First of all- The 1KZ-TE has very different location of the engine mounts- so you'll need to move them backwards a minimum of 57mm. The gearbox on the 1KZ-TE is either the R150 or R151F and to get a gear drive transfer case on the back of it you need a $600 adaptor.

The radiator for the 1KZ-TE is bigger and deeper than the hilux one, and in a hilux body doesnt fit the front body panel- So you have to swap that one out with a surf one (or have no aircon!)

The best way to go about it is to get a KZN130 surf halfcut and go from there- the electicals are easy- just remove the 2.8D loom and replace with the 3.0TD loom- as in the WHOLE wiring forwards of the driver seat!

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