A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover.

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A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover.

Unread post by silverpatrol » January 19th, 2012, 4:19 pm

Hi Everyone
I would just like to share my recent experience with my 7 month old 3ltr GU patrol. For the first time I this holidays I was able to take the patrol out of the city for its first road trip from Brisbane to Cairns.
The drive up went well but on the day after we arrived the clutch on my patrol started to slip and within 5km the patrol was totaly immobalised and unable to be moved a few mtrs let alone limp to the nearest dealer. After a 5km walk i managed to get some service on the phone and called roadside assist who were very helpfull and had the car towed to the Cairns dealer that same afternoon so i thought ok some bad luck but Nissan will take care of it.. well that did not end up being the case.
I was informed a week later that Nissan would not cover the clutch under warrenty and given a $4000 bill for another standard clutch and by this time i was allready meant to be back in Brisbane at work the day before.
I had no choice but to pay up and thought i will take this up with my local dealer who i purchased it off and Nissan Australia as soon as i get home.
Once back home I went to see the dealer i purchased it from and they were helpfull and said they would recomend it was a warrenty issue also but once it went back to nissan Australia they denied me my claim once again.
Just to put this in perspective this Patrol has been offroad twice in its short life once in bribie and once in straddie and has only ever towed my small alloy boat to the ramp once or twice a month.
In my past I have put over 330 000 on my old manual pajero and have never burnt out a clutch out in any vehicle. I have now lost all faith in this vehicles reliability and will deffinatly not be recomending or purchasing new car again from Nissan.
Thanks for reading.

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by mydmax » January 20th, 2012, 11:42 pm

A $4000 bill. How did they manage to spin out the replacement of a clutch to $4000.
They have the gear to remove the box and transfer in one and do the clutch all in one day easily.
If they can't they are not genuine Nissan Dealers.
I don't know how much a clutch is but I would have thought around $1000 at their rates. Most likely cheaper.
That leaves $3000 for labour. At $75 per hour which is a rip off, the job took 40 hours???????????????????
I would have thought 5 or 6, it is a professional workshop isn't it. So $450 for labour, say $500.
Why did you have to pay $2500 more than this.
To me it doesn't add up.
Two blokes doing the job and you should still have $2000 in your pocket.
Perhaps you have a $3000 clutch and pressure plate in it and I am way off the mark.

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by billyj » January 23rd, 2012, 7:54 pm

i suspect it would have a dual mass flywheel which would have been replaced with the clutch making up a large part of that 4k bill, but yes 7 months is not enough life from a clutch.

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by DICKOwithaGU » January 29th, 2012, 12:27 am

I reckon they replace the dual mass fly wheel and clutch... unlucky , you will have as much luck trying to claim for this as for brake wear !!!

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by Zoom » February 16th, 2012, 3:05 pm

My clutch on my 2005 4.2 GU started slipping at around 50,000km's which is pretty crap. The only thing that changed prior to it slipping was I put in a set of 4.1 crown and pinions (previously 3.9's) which gave it a bit more go. I ended up putting in a Safari Tuff clutch for $1130, inc parts and Labour. I kept the old setup which looked perfectly fine, no hot spots, heaps of meat on the clutch. I ended up selling the clutch and pressure plate which was put into a GQ. Result, perfect, no signs of slipping. 1 year later still fine. Moral of the story, clamp load on pressure plates are to soft... that's what I believe anyway. In your case I reckon it was glazed up. Everytime they slip, they glaze up. You do it to often, you get to a point your clutch no longer bites. As for $4K, what a rip off. Local mechanic does Dual Mass clutches for half that.

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by max350 » April 2nd, 2012, 7:33 am

If its a dual mass flywheel it is $2500.00 to buy the clutch kit plus fitting. This is a rip off by Nissan, as you can't buy them aftermarket. Do Nissan ever cover a warranty issue. It seems not.

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by stevie c » May 12th, 2015, 1:12 pm

I read with interest lately of the issues with the clutches on Nissan Navaras.I don't have a true 4wd but rather a softy 2012 Nissan X trail diesel which in general I can't fault as a day to day drive and general purpose all rounder.I have also come across an issue with the clutch and it looks like I would receive no satisfaction from Nissan.Two delearships I have spoken with have openly intimated that Nissan basically will not warranty the clutch because they take into consideration incorrect application by the driver unless it is proven to be a pressure plate failure?? go figure. This initial dismantle and inspection is at the cost of the owner if they deem it to be driver cause .I've driven manual vehicles , light trucks and motor bikes for 46 years and never had to replace a clutch and have also been towing vans and trailers for the same period.The first sign I had that there may have been a problem was nearly 2 years ago but it was intermittent and wasn't highly obvious, only becoming more noticeable within the last few months.My argument is that Nissan are not supplying a clutch that is "fit for the purpose " .Unfortunately as the clutch was damaged early it has obviously gone into a slow decline over time.My dismay is that once again the clutch supplied is not " fit for the purpose " and if it was repaired under warranty it would only be replaced with the same useless Nissan spare at a cost of about $3500. I would rather have it repaired personally with a heavy duty clutch at far less cost and warn any potential purchasers of the X trail, especially if the vehicle is to be used for towing, away to another brand. Another bone of contention is the lack of consumer rights in these situations as I was openly told yesterday by a major dealership in Adelaide that Nissan informed them that the Navara clutch would NOT be warrantied if the vehicle has covered more than 10,000kms .... so where do we sit with our statutory warranty rights ... once again another govt dept with no backbone .... warranty is not worth the cost of the paper it is written on.Yet another consumer that will not purchase another Nissan ..I hear Datsun echo in the distance!!

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Re: A word of warning - GU Clutch issues, Nissan won't cover

Unread post by overit » August 16th, 2015, 1:11 pm

Wow! That's ridiculous! I had to change my clutch in the 97 GQ back in 2008 with 220k km on the clock, it was the original clutch and the vehicle had been used to tow a large caravan around Australia 4 times and general weekend trips. It was owned by an old couple prior to me who were the ones towing the caravan. I changed it because it didn't have enough bite for what I like, it slipped occasionally but not much, so went a safari tuff clutch ($1000 fully installed!). Since then I have given it hell for the last 160,000km running 35's and towing my heavy tool trailer daily for work, then heavy off road work on the weekends. It still has plenty of bite to this day and feels as good as it did when the clutch was new. I would call Fair Trading and see what they say. To me it sounds like a faulty clutch, for $4k get onto fair trading! That's a lot of fishing lures!

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