Adventure Kings Double Swag Review (kind of)

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Adventure Kings Double Swag Review (kind of)

Unread post by brando251 » November 12th, 2015, 1:06 pm

Hey guys,

First time poster, so go easy! Used the site for a while to get ideas, so thought I'd start contributing!

A few months back I was looking at the Adventure Kings Double Swag, couldn't find much info other than the one other thread here on them (Roo Systems Double Swag), so thought I'd add a little more info (pics etc.) to hopefully help out any other potential buyers!

Picked mine up for around $215 on special (after a tip from a mate that they're part of Darche?) so can't go too wrong. Everything seems decent quality, been on a couple of trips with it now and it doesn't seem any the worse for wear.
Here it is rolled, short handled shovel for scale. This is with two sheets, doona (duvet), poles & pegs inside. Comes with a couple of straps and clips sewn to the outside to hold it all together. Not sure how long the clips will last, but could always replace them with a quick release tie down type.
And in the bag. Did this by myself, the comments I read said that they were near impossible to pack in... Maybe the bags are bigger now? Decently waterproof too, drove through a downpour for around 40 mins, let some water in but stopped the bulk.
20151031_091401-min (1).jpg
On the roof of the HiLux. As you can probably see, if you're pushed for space it's probably not for you.
Set up. All poles (3) are external, so fast to put up. Not free-standing though and the pegs are pretty crap, so you'll need some sand pegs if you're in soft ground/beach.
Now, waterproof wise it is apparently "15oz" canvas. It did leak when I was weathering it with the hose (not sure from where), but it did rain a decent amount one morning on our last trip and did not leak. There are flaps which cover all the zippers which help keep the water out. There are also windows under the front and rear flaps, which means you could probably have them open with a bit of rain. PVC floor seems heavy duty enough also.

There are also double entries, one either side, which is handy for two. Loops are also included on the roof to hang lights etc and there are two internal mesh pockets for wallets, phones etc.

The mattress is not the thickest in the world, but I slept comfortably on it (although I'm only 75kg). Just make sure there's not any sticks under you!

Hope this info can help a few people out a little. Cheers!
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Re: Adventure Kings Double Swag Review (kind of)

Unread post by the-viking » November 13th, 2015, 10:47 am

Bloody good first post mate. Well done. Nice and informative. :thumb:
Cheers. :)

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Re: Adventure Kings Double Swag Review (kind of)

Unread post by ScaleyTom » December 15th, 2015, 1:57 am

Me and the Mrs love ours, although we use a double self inflating matress for added comfort. Great swag, easy to erect, and disassemble. Cant really add anything to your post brando, very happy with ours :waycool:

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Re: Adventure Kings Double Swag Review (kind of)

Unread post by opindown » February 4th, 2016, 1:06 pm

top post mate. I got mine not that long ago and set it up in the back yard (the daughter got her swag at the same time and wanted to camp that night) I was quite surprised with the overall size of it and the quality make. I like the idea of a self inflating mattress from ScaleyTom as the missus and i are only 70kg and under (i found the mattress slightly to thin and felt everything under me) might just be me cause i am all bones.
Apart from that good quality product. Next up is to finish my camper trailer and try the kings roof top tent and the awning.

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Re: Adventure Kings Double Swag Review (kind of)

Unread post by Gfazz » June 21st, 2016, 1:29 pm

Hey, what self inflating mattress do you recommend for the double swag?

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