The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by Deans4by » May 10th, 2015, 7:40 pm

Found this on YouTube, story number 2 is a bit of a spin out.
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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by wakkastar » May 27th, 2015, 7:46 pm

Wow Dean yeah bit of weird one right there

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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by eddy89 » September 30th, 2015, 3:20 pm

Saw his thread and thought I may add in a couple of my scary stories...

About 3 years ago I went camping Golburn river (VIC) went with a mate and my dog (German Shepherd) we got in pretty late so quickly set up our tents and went to sleep, the next morning we went fishing my mate went to his spot and I walked along the river for a good 1.5km and started fishing, I sat down just relaxing looking at the water concentrating on the fishing rod beautiful sunny day next thing I see something moving directly opposite me on the other side of the river, my dog started going spastic I look closer and to this day I swear it was a Puma, just casually strolling along it stopped for good 5 seconds and looked towards us and then continued on its way I was shocked. Obviously my mate didn't believe me.

Anyway that night at around 11pm we went to sleep, in the middle of the night I hear my dog once again going spastic which is very unusual for him unless he see's another animal, I thought 'stuff it, its to late' so I just yelled out to him to 'shut up' next thing I hear another animal noise... I straight away thought about the Puma I jumped out of the tent with my head lamp and torch, I look at my dog and his got a possums head in his mouth... By now im pretty pissed off that im awake in the middle of the night but I try to fall asleep, tossing and turning nothings working, look at my phone its close to 2.30am, im slowly starting to fall into a deep sleep.... next thing I hear is my car door SLAM shut and BEEEEEPPPP my horn.... my dogs not barking... im worried.. im scared, at this point im pretty much shiting my pants, my mate whos tent is right next to mine whispers to me
"hey are you in your tent"
I reply saying that I am...
the horn is not stopping....
my mate says to me "im scared as hell can you pop your head"
As my mate is talking to me I hear a male voice yelling and screaming over the horn
At this point im curled up in the corner of my tent..
slowly opening the zip of my tent, making no sudden movements pop my head out of the tent slowly point me head in the direction of my car and turn on my torch.....
theres 2 men in my car, the horn stops the guys stop yelling and start laughing, was my brother and his best friend come to join us....
I lost about 5 years of my life that night....
Still to this day no one believes me that I saw a Puma but I am CERTAIN it was...

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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by samanthascruiser85 » October 13th, 2015, 4:50 am

Thanks for keeping me awake on night shift in a 100+ year old haunted hospital guys.

As for the big cats, know of a guy who found big cat hair and prints (presumably puma as they escaped from a zoo a long time ago ) so collected the hair and sent it off to be DNA tested = results "feral cat"
Old mate has a friend who happens to own a zoo, has pure bred pumas.... sent off hair again = results "feral cat"

I have no doubt there out there, have seen one sitting beside a fence its head was even with the top wire :eek:

now to try to sleep, thank god for dogs that bark at everything and it will be daylight :)

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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by bkain » November 16th, 2015, 10:20 pm

Not sure if this story qualifies compared to some others but ill give it a go

Myself and the other half decided to go camping at 40 mile beach (between noosa and rainbow beach) this past weekend. It was her first time camping ever and mine as an adult.

We went searching for a campsite at about 3pm due to inclement weather heading our way, we foung a great little spot behind the sand dunes at the base of the hill/mountain with two groups 20-30 metres either side of us. There was a well worn footpath beside the camp heading up into the hill (we didnt mind if hikers walk past the tent)
We set up and had dinner just in time for the storm to come in, settling into our brand new tent for the night while the storm came over, slightly concerned if it was anchored down enough for the wind.
After starting our day at about 4am that morning we were fast asleep by 7pm. I was woken up by the missus at about 8:30 telling me she could here footsteps behind our tent (just at the base of the bushes) i listened for a minute or two, whilst the sounded exactly like a person walking around i told her it was probably a bush turkey or lizard and to go back to sleep. I got up, had a look outside, couldnt see anything so went back to sleep (its rainbow beach i kept telling myself, nothing bad happens here, its as safe as camping really gets)

All throughout the night at different intervals the same footsteps could be heard in the bushes just behind our tent, due to being our first time camping I had convinced myself it was nothing more than animals wondering around in between showers, the missus wasnt convinced so I mentioned that there were guide ropes tied all around the tent and it was pitch black outside with the cloud cover and if it were a person they would have tripped over one by now.
Ironically, next thing to wake us up was something tripping over the ropes outside, by this stage the missus was beyond concerned and i was starting to regret our decision to camp however told her it was probably a goanna crawling over it (not convincing myself at all, however the last thing i wanted to do was go outside and find out)

After finally getting back to sleep the last thing i wanted to happen came to reality, zzziiiiiiippp i heard coming from our tent. Animals dont unzip tents. I dove out of bed looking for the hatchet I had in the tent, which the missus had moved away 'because someone may trip on it'
After what felt like an hour of searching for it (more like 5 seconds) I turned on the light, grabbed the hatchet, unsheathed it and looked at the front entrance to see if anyone was coming in......

Silence, no rain, no footsteps, nothing. The zips at the entrance were still closed so it must have been the side entrance i thought (closest to the bush). I stayed perfectly still for about 15minutes, holding the hatchet over my head.....nothing
Left the light turned on, convinced myself there was a big gust of wind which unzipped the outer cover of tent (there was no wind) and went back to sleep with light on and hatchet in hand

Made it to morning, went outside to see if anything was missing, jerry can still there, bbq still there, esky still there. No footprints/trackmarks due to rain all night. Went looking for unzipped fly, the window of the tent (closest to bush, between tent and car) had been unzipped up to the velcro halfway up.
I zipped the tent up and tried to unzip it by pulling on tent (to see if wind could have caught under there and blew it open) we both agreed it wasnt likely, but due to nothing being stolen, no footprints and us with no experience camping near wildlife we wrote the whole night of as us with wild imaginations.

We packed up, cleaned up and headed for double island point for the morning, decided to drive back down the beach (past our campsite to noosa for lunch before heading home. As we were heading down the beach, missus pointed out our campsite was just up ahead to the right. As i looked over i saw something blue in the bushes directly above our spot. As i drove further up i lost site due to all the bushes/trees. I stopped the car and tried to see it, no good. I reversed back and it came back into my vision. It looked like a tarp, about 30m up the hill from our campsite. it was in a slight clearing behind some dense bushes, from the beach there were only two spots you could see it.
We decided to walk back to into our campsite to see if we could see it from the base of the hill, no luck.
The footpath! There was the track right next to our campsite, we decided to walk up and see if it was just rubbish or perhaps someone had set up camp in the bush above us. Halfway up the track the missus pointed at a bootprint in the sand, it had rained heavily last night and thing morning so had to have been fresh
we walked to the top of the footpath and saw nothing. Quite dissapointed and a little freaked out, we slowly started heading back down. halfway down the hill there was a small but well worn path heading to the right, towards some thick scrub.
We decided against walking it and i climbed a dead tree, i saw the top of the tent/tarp. It was well protected bush scrub and i couldnt get a good look. We decided to head back down and find a ranger or police officer and show them where it was.
We drove up and down the beach and waited nearly two hours with no luck and no reception. Drove up to freshwater road and then all the way down to noosa (was getting late and needed to be home that arvo) without seeing one

We called it into police link to go check it out that afternoon, havent heard anything since

So was it two green campers whose imagines got the better of them, or was it a terrible first experience at camping with a homeless man trying to get in our tent?

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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by THE RIG » November 22nd, 2015, 2:46 pm

there are people behind the dunes on double island!

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Re: The most scary swag moment - DONT READ BEFORE BED!

Unread post by Whipstick_Wanderer » January 15th, 2019, 8:34 pm

Not half as mad as half the stories here, but as a kid I lived for quite a few years on a small (compared to all the surrounding properties) property in the Pioneer Valley up in North Qld about 45min west of Mackay. Anyone who knows the valley will know just how much of a problem the wild dogs are there. It's all cane and cattle farms surrounded by mountains ranges. Plenty of thick Rainforest and Lantana scrub and pretty hilly the further up you go toward Eungella. Anyway's my family lived about halfway between Mirani and Gargett. The neighbour behind us had about 300 odd acres of super dense hilly Lantana scrub full of cattle, and a couple of half wild camels. The place was swarming with mongrel packs of wild dogs, mostly crossbreeds between dingo's and escaped or dumped pig dogs. Everyday after school I used to get home, grab a snack and sometimes one of my fishing rods or a cane toad spear I'd made and head up into our mates property behind us and spend a few hours kicking about the hills and dams, y'know, just mucking about killing time. Anyway I'd often wander several Kay's from home, and start heading back about dusk. Quite often on the way back, walking through taipan infested paddocks in the dips between the scrub and tree covered hills I'd suddenly get that 'uneasy' feeling others on here have talked about. Y'know the drill, the hair on ya neck stands up, sometimes goosebumps and just generally wishing I had 360 degree vision so I didn't have to keep swiveling around every few seconds thinking any one of those times I'd turn around to see a snarling dog or three creeping up on me. Sometimes I'd hear them keeping pace with me in the Lantana scrub. I never saw 'em, but I always took for granted that they were definitely watching me. And they were. They used to stalk me all the way back to the creek that marked our property line within sight of the shed we lived in. As an 11 or 12 year old kid I was always damn glad to hear the generator and sight the shed across the creek. Those dogs used to really put the wind up me, I'll tell ya! By some miracle I was never attacked over the years, but we always had cattle getting taken, and the other neighbour had a cow give birth late one night, and went out to check on it in the morning and found the newborn calf dead and wedged about 20ft up in the fork of a big gumtree. I also saw one old Brahman cow with deep grey scars (long since healed) running down its rump and shoulders. These claw marks were spread out as wide as a grown mans hand and raked down its hide. The dogs may have been my main concern at the time, but looking back in it, there's no way dogs could've put that calf in that tree or left those massive claw mark scars on that cow. That was definitely the work of a (very) big cat!

Still, wouldn't have traded that rough and tumble childhood for all the safe suburban streets in the world!

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