Recommend me a robust Travel BBQ?

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Re: Recommend me a robust Travel BBQ?

Unread post by gunk » February 22nd, 2014, 7:32 pm

I just got this thing, been cooking in it every night and it's fantastic. It's really well made with a nice heavy plate and going by what I saw at the Caravan and Camping show in Adelaide this week, they seem to us it in at least half of the $50k+ camp trailers. Next week I'm swapping out the flat plate for the flat/grill combo and the oven wire.

Sovereign BBQ Oven

So far I've cooked a roast chicken, chips, shashliks, steak, hamburgers, bacon, eggs and toasted some bread. Once I get oven wire and a pan that fits nicely I'll be able use saucepans directly on the flame and that means I can do just about anything. on it.

I'm getting a custom canvas carry bag made up and it will be part of my camp kitchen from now on. I doubt it will have problems with corrugations.

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Re: Recommend me a robust Travel BBQ?

Unread post by Tharce » July 25th, 2018, 9:34 pm

I apologize for a bump...
I like the canister stoves. One pound propane type, and small isobutane. I also have lanterns that fit on both. Have been through several and kind of have a collection. The piezo sparker lighter on the one in Smashy's post is a very cool feature to look for. no worries about singeing your knuckles, or sparking a lighter or match... after finding said lighter or match.
I like an alcohol stove in a Swedish military kit because it is so quiet, and it just packs up so neatly. good gadgetry and utility. Also, took a tabletop-sized Weber BBQ for years, but I wouldn't recommend it for boiling water or cooking meals. You need briquettes, a way to light them, then they have to burn, go to coals, then you cook, then they have to be covered to go out, then the unit has to cool enough to handle. We always bagged the little grill in a trash bag, so no problems with ashes, coals, and such on the playa.

We finally gave it up, grilled the burgers at home, and used our camp stove to reheat the patties. Much more convenient.

An alternative suggestion for hot (but not boiling) water is to use a solar shower. They're unbearably hot during the day on the playa. If you're reconstituting dehydrated meals, I'd suggest trying water from a solar shower and see if that works off the playa before you really need it to work on the playa. Or try it on the playa if you're willing to have it fail to be hot enough.

HeaterMeals and similar companies make meals that can be heated in the box using powdered magnesium and salt water. Louise and I use them on occasions when we don't want to drag out the camp stove.

If you must have boiling water or a cooked meal quickly, I think CapSmashy has the best suggestion.
I like to watch YouTube videos of a similar subject when I'm looking for information about the right product. I hope this helps someone in the future. Good Luck!

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Re: Recommend me a robust Travel BBQ?

Unread post by WomblingFree » January 9th, 2019, 12:14 pm

+1 for the Coleman Roadtrips.

Absolutely brilliant and we have two of them. Tons of heat and easy to clean.
Very cheap 2nd hand on Ebay.

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