Which GPS nav unit?

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Which GPS nav unit?

Unread post by Shann Low » March 3rd, 2016, 2:47 pm

Looking for a new GPS nav unit to put into Effie.

I already have a reversing camera, BUT if I got one that would blue tooth i could always put a second camera on the back of the boat/trailer and have 2 screens to watch as I reverse maybe?

Also the boat is pretty tall, I think around 3.5 meters, so my lad was saying he has a navigator for his road train that he can program in his min height clearance and it plots routes that avoids low bridges etc (which could be handy maybe?).

Lastly I wouldn't mind one that does the offroad maps (hema) as well?.

I did have just a simple Navman "My Escape" that just up and quit on me after only a year, won't power up, & I can't see anything obviously wrong with it so was thinking to maybe avoid Navman this time and try maybe Garmin or something?

I was thinking since D!ck Smiths gone belly up maybe I could get a better than average GPS thingy for half price?

Any suggestions - this is all too technical for me, I like the Furuno Chart Plotter in the boat, & I can drive OK by numbers but the Chinese Ninja Chick in the Navman speaking to me, well lets just say, we had a lot of arguments... :lol:

My missus says that chicks responsible for most of the road rage incidents! :lol:

I figure you young blokes probably know what I should get...one with a bigger screen the better coz I look at the world like Mr Magoo - thru the bottom of 2 coke bottles & I have phat phinger syndrome.... so small menu keypads etc are a batsurd for me.

Don't get me started on that bloody Siri woman on my mobile phone, - she couldn't find the cheeks of her own ass with both hands, if you loaned her a seeing eye dog to sniff it out, and a mirror on a big stick to view it!. :rolleyes:

Big and simple but can do everything, suited for a old dumbass like me, would be good!.


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Re: Which GPS nav unit?

Unread post by Shann Low » March 5th, 2016, 11:10 pm

Struth, inundated doesn't describe it. :rolleyes:

Navman My escape 3, it ended up being.

Went to D!ck Smiths and they had little stock in either of the 2 stores and prices weren't anywhere near as good as the advertising suggested... anything worth anything was only 20% off not 50% off.

Ended up at JB Hi Fi - and got it for about the same price as DS "closing down 20% discount liquidation" except JB's still offers the warranty which of course DS won;t be here to honor in future.

It does the normal maps and off-road maps as well as blue tooth camera etc and also the height (Bridges, Power Wires), width, length restricted routes, if you have a large vehicle!.

See how it works out.

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Re: Which GPS nav unit?

Unread post by typhoeus » March 6th, 2016, 11:53 pm

Maybe a mirror on a selfie stick and a seeing eye dog would be better than some of those things. . .Unfortunately they are nearly all made in china and they have planned obsolescence down to a fine art these days.

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