Recommendations on best maps to add to hema/vms

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Recommendations on best maps to add to hema/vms

Unread post by clint_t219 » July 23rd, 2015, 11:57 am

Can anyone recommend any maps worth adding to a hema gps? im trying to find a good quality nsw 1:25k topo map which would have greater detail then the ones on the hema stock. I noticed you can purchase a nsw map pack from vms for $99 under the ozi explorer platform, which doesnt sound to bad about 1100 maps images at 1:25k scale, has anyone had any experiences with these maps? Or is paper map then scanning the best option? I noticed you can get them from the spacial exchange website but not as a pack more individual maps.

i did find a collection by festy but i didnt think they have much detail as im looking for more 4wd tracks, fire trails and most importantly camp sites. With a price or free doesnt matter aslong as they are crazy expensive like some ive seen.
Any info would help heaps not just to me but for others in the same boat, ive searched all over the net but fail to find any reviews on good quality ones.
Cheers fellas.

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