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A reminder: These forums are G-rated

Posted: June 23rd, 2010, 12:46 pm
by Peter Aawen
G'day guys,

I've in no uncertain terms been reminded by Editor Glenn that these forums are definitely a G-rated place. We've got plenty of underage members and readers who aren't broadminded blokes, and although some of the posts & pics I've had to delete have been funny, they're just not suitable for kids or appropriate for many others.

Please, consider when you choose a username, post, or put up a pic here whether you'd like your own kids, wife, grandma, or your mum to see it... if the answer's No or even 'maybe not', then it shouldn't be posted here. The Mods have been asked to edit out or remove anything that looks like it might not pass that test, receives a reasonable complaint re its suitability, &/or to edit or remove immediately anything that is clearly not suitable under this rule, and repeated postings that ignore the 'G' rating requirement may result in the restriction of your posting privileges.

You can, if you wish, share links with your mates via PM, but be warned that the sharing of questionable material with anyone who has not clearly already agreed to do that is also unacceptable.

Thank you for understanding.