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Posted: January 13th, 2010, 7:18 pm
by Peter Aawen

Before you post a new thread, you need to know a few simple points that will make everyone's visits here much more enjoyable.

1. Search First! The search function (yep, it's up the top in the Quick Links under your name) is there for a reason. You can bet that someone's asked already what mileage you could expect out of a set of BF-Goodrich Mud Terrains, what tyre pressures to run, or if they'll fit your car, so why not search for 'bfg mud terrain' with anything else in the keywords field that might help narrow it down? At the very least, the results that come back will allow you to refine your title into something specific, instead of being the same old question that's already been asked a few dozen times. If the 'Search Forums' tool doesn't help much, the basic search results screen will have a 'return to advanced search' link, and in 'advanced search' you can refine your keywords/phrases a little more, restrict your search to just a section or two, look for posts from a particular poster/s, search the all titles or just the first post, report the results as thread topics or single posts, & even refine when it was posted. If you need help with that, PM any of the Mod/Admin Team and they will try to help. Generally, if you know what you are after, then your best bet is to use Advanced Search, look in Topic Titles only, and show the results as Topics.

2. What is your Question or what do you want (ie to know/what result is desired) from the Thread? Does that question/thread/topic belong in the section you are about to post it in?
If you are looking at the index of a particular section, & want to start a new thread, ask yourself "Does the subject of my new thread/topic fit in this section?" If you aren't sure, then keep in mind what you want to talk about & go to our main Forum Index (the front Forum menu/index screen) & have a look at/read all the titles for each Forum section and their descriptions and then choose which Forum section bests suits what you want to discuss/ask, open that section, and only then post your thread in that section by clicking on the Add Topic button. This ensures that other people who may be interested in that subject as well as the topic/answer will be able to find it readily amongst all the similar info or questions, and therefore you will have more chance of getting an answer! So if you are new to the Forum, it's a good idea to first give us a bit of an Intro about you, your vehicle, & your interest in 4Wheeling in the Introductions section. Then, if you want to show off your vehicle any more than just a brief outline in your intro, you should put a thread in Member's Rides, Build-ups, and Projects, or maybe even in the Tourers, Hardcore, or Utes sub-sections & tell us of all the mods & changes you make as time goes by. If it's Tech info you are after, then go to the appropriate General Tech section, or look for your vehicle in Model Specific Tech sections! Trip Planning - then post it in the Trip Planning section (not the trip reports section for a given State/region) and then once you've done the trip, you can put a Trip Report in the appropriate State/region section. And please, keep Chit Chat for all that stuff that you just hafta talk about but that doesn't really have anything to do with Four Wheel Driving (Please, keep any discussion of Politics, Religion, or sex within bounds - it is a G rated Forum, and we won't tolerate preaching or ranting about any religion or political leanings or learnings); if it's Fourby related at all, there is probably a section for it somewhere that isn't in Chit Chit, even if that section is in General 4By Discussion! We'll move it if it's in the wrong place, but that can mean some threads might get lost, so if you don't want to lose track of it, think about where your thread should go first (& if you do think you've lost a post/thread, check out the My Posts search in the Quick Links!!)

3. What is your Question or what do you want (ie to know/what result is desired) from the Thread? Try to briefly Ask your question or at least use Meaningful thread titles so that readers can see what the thread is about!.
Please don't start threads with overly simple titles like 'Should I....', 'Help...', '.....Question', 'Advice wanted',or 'Tyres', etc; or pretty much any 1-3 word/basic title that doesn't let people briefly know what the thread is about/after, or even just a statement that doesn't tell us briefly what you want to see/achieve with the thread. In fact, if it's got any of those words mentioned above in it, or if it's only 3 words or less, then it probably doesn't really tell us what you want from the thread or what is desired apart from help or advice & will probably be treated as a thread without a meaningful title! We sorta know that you want help or advice already, simply because you felt the need to start a thread in the first place, even after searching for & reading anything that might already be here! So instead of wasting the room for one of those words in the title just telling us that you want help or advice or have a question, please try to make your title more specific, like 'What tyres work well on the rocks?' or "What Suspension suits the 80 Series Landcruiser?" or even "Brake pedal is soft at first, then works on 2nd pump! What fixes?!" as opposed to just calling it 'tyre help needed' or 'suspension question' or 'faulty brakes'. More specific titles make it easier for people to know exactly what you want from the thread, and that means you'll be more likely to get readers & are therefore more likely to get an answer! The Title is the major means readers have for searching, and if the title asks your question or at least tells us what you want/expect from the thread, then it makes it a whole lot easier for others to decide if that's a thread that they want to read, or if they might have an answer/any info that could help you!! And if your title doesn't tell them what you want, they might not even click on your thread to open it and read it, so you'll never get an answer from them!

If you haven't used a meaningful title, then it stands less chance of being read at all, and therefore has less chance of getting an answer. Sure, the Mod Team will eventually come across it and they might take the time and effort to change your title to reflect their best guess as to the point of the thread so that you can get a reasonable result; but be warned, if that isn't reasonably obvious from your first post, then the most likely result will be removal of the thread entirely. Any topics/threads, particularly in the tech sections, that don't have a meaningful thread title which briefly asks your question or states what you are trying to get from the thread may be deleted without notice in an effort to make the Forum easier for everyone else to use/navigate.

4. Do Not Post Duplicate Threads or post the same question/thread in more than one Section or duplicate it in any other Section!
Asking the same question in more than one place isn't going to get an answer any quicker! All it does really is make it LESS likely that you'll ever get the whole answer in one place; it can annoy those people who might've answered once, but you seemingly ignore their response and try again somewhere else; it makes it harder for people to find your thread & read it; it makes it harder for anyone else to search on the same info; and basically spamming us with multiple threads asking the same thing repeatedly creates a whole lot of difficulties for the Forum, all of which mean that you are less likely to get a good result. So stick to 1 Poster with 1 Topic, in 1 Thread, & in just 1 Section. If you've posted a thread & haven't got an answer, look at the title & see if it could be worded better to get a response; if you've already done that & yet you think your thread still needs to be moved, PM a Mod or an Admin, but please don't duplicate your question/thread in another section. Any & all duplicated threads will be deleted & if anyone keeps on duplicating threads or spams us with more than one thread on the same thing repeatedly, then they will likely be looked upon & treated as a spammer.


The A4WDA Forum Mod Team.

Posted: June 16th, 2010, 7:49 pm
by paritybit
With the searching threads is there any rules regarding ressurecting old threads?

Posted: June 16th, 2010, 8:16 pm
by Peter Aawen
No dramas at all, much better to bring an old thread discussing your question or problem back and build on the info rather than start another thread and dilute the info across multiple threads that will make it harder for everyone to get ALL the answers from!! That said, if you've already searched & either used the wrong terms or just couldn't find it, post your question anyway & if someone else knows of an existing thread, we can & will merge them later. But please, always try to search FIRST! :thumb: