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Beware of possible scammers posing as forum members

Posted: August 19th, 2013, 2:51 am
by Neat 60
Hey guys just a heads up,

I recently received an email to my personal account via the 4wd Action Website from an "alleged" forum member. He informed me that he was interested in buying the 60, which to start with I thought was a strange request as I hadnt hinted anywhere on here any interest in selling it. So keeping in mind that the email came from a forum member I thought there was no malice in it and politely told him thanks but no thanks its not for sale. The email that followed was very broken english and much the same as the ones you get from ebay scammers wanting to buy your car sight unseen because they work on an off shore oil rig blah blah blah :irked:

The email had scam written all over it so I got onto Peter Aawen to take a look at it. Long story short is that he looks like a scammer and Peter has banned his account, email address and his IP. If anyone gets anything similar to this get onto Peter or any of the admin/mod team to investigate it and sort it out for you. The manner that Peter got onto it for me was exemplary.

Ive never put my personal details up here other than photos of the 60 with the occasional one showing the number plate because I couldnt be bothered going to the trouble of obscuring it. It highlights just how careful you need to be posting personal details up here or anywhere on the internet for that matter.