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***Are you having troubles registering on the Forum?***

Posted: August 1st, 2013, 3:48 pm
by Peter Aawen
Hi all, if you are having troubles registering and getting on to the Forum, please take the time to read this and the other announcements in this section - they cover our rules and guidelines as well as having some specific info about registering, so you need to be clear on them before you try to register & start posting on the Forum.

When you register here, our approval process does involve a little checking after the fact, so you might not get on instantly &/or you might get a message to re-authenticate before being able to go live on the Forum. But if you have tried to register more than one name; a name that's already in use; a name that's not acceptable under our rules; a name that is obviously someone else's name or title (no matter how famous they may be or how cool it might be to use someone else's name/title); or if you've duplicated a name &/or used a dodgy name or a questionable email address, then you are very likely to be unable to register at all! Please use a genuine email ID, preferably one that includes your name in order to avoid rejection. If we can't readily see & validate who you are, where you are from, and that you've got a valid email address that you check regularly to see if we've sent you a 'please confirm' message, then it may be very hard for you to get on &/or remain live on the Forum.

If you haven't done any of those things mentioned and a couple of days have passed and you still can't register or get on to the Forum, then please send us an email via the Contact Us link down the bottom of each page on the website. When the contact screen comes up, please enter 'Forum Registration Issue' in the subject field before briefly outlining your issue in the text & confirm for us that you are a 'real' person who should be allowed to register and log on. When you do that, make sure that you include the username you tried to register, the valid email address that you wish to be attached to that username, and any other details or messages you may have received during the registration process.

We are aware that some 'real' people may be inadvertently barred by the checking & subsequent approval process, and for that we apologise, but it does mean that we keep the Forum relatively free of the tens of thousands of spammers and dodgy posters/advertisers who constantly try to drown all the legit users out. So while it's not great for the few who do happen to get caught up in it, it does mean that the Forum keeps running smoothly for the majority. And to those few who are legit that get caught erroneously, if you drop us that message we will try to get your registration sorted as quickly as we can so you can use the Forum. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience, but don't blame us, blame all the losers who like to spam, troll, or try to drown us in dodgy adverts or other junk! :irked:

for the Mod/Admin Team