Prevention - how have you stopped gear being stolen?

Stolen vehicles and parts, help us track them down!
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Unread post by whizzo » July 6th, 2010, 11:23 pm

Yeh but you may get prosecuted for setting a man trap.

There is a difference between frightening the brown smelly stuff out of a crim and deliberately causing injury.

remember too that frightening some one is like comedy...all about you dont want the siren going off immediately...make it wait a few seconds...or triger it from something the reverse light switch or the hand brake....or a microswitch in the seat.

I have often thaught about fitting a theatrical smoke triggered by 12 volts.....pretty safe :o... but would fill the cab of a 4wd with smoke pretty quick..... but what colour would be


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Unread post by AUSJohn » July 7th, 2010, 8:56 am

Yeah mine isn't striaght on, it pulse's at a set rate which really disorientates you. I wouldn't have it constant as i would do myself over by accident. There is a delay and its triggered by a few different things.

A few triggers also increases the pulse width. Like swimming upstream in a ever increasing current sort of thing.

Another idea would be blue and red strobes fitted front/rear/sides.

They wouldn't get very far with a siren and blue/red flashing lights. Every copper would be on it like fly's to *****. Have it activate either on a delay or on a certain frequency from speedo input (ie: come on at 5k's and stay on regardless)

Best of all, its not illegal to have blue/red strobes and a siren fitted. Its only illegal to USE them on public roads.

GPS/GSM Alarm units are pretty cheap these days and are pretty acurate.
Can start/stop the engine via sms or remote. Access GPS database in real time etc etc.

Dogs are also great, i have 2 trained GSD's (Im a k9 handler) the male is 56 kilo, female is still a pup but at 30kilo. Spike the man of the yard won't bite unless ordered to or attacked first. Which is why we have camera's all over the yard. Last year some kiwi dude tried to bash him one day with a bat. When the dog broke his arm he tried to press charges. The tapes showed he provoked the dog for 3 minutes before being bitten.

If you use dogs you love, use camera's. I was told without the tapes i would have lost my boy.

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Unread post by whizzo » July 7th, 2010, 11:04 am

Those GPS tracker systems are a good thing....a mate of a mate was woken up one morning pretty early by a phone call, telling him his truck and bobcat were not where they should be.

Sure enough he looked out the window and there was a vacant space:confused:.

The tracking company told him where it was, so he rang the coppers and met them there........
The coppers made some arrests, and he had his truck back at work......late for his first job, but back at work all the same :thumb:

CCTV is a great thing...... but too many people piss arround with it and don't do the job right.

They make fundamental errors, like showing the potential miscreant the they can see how poor the system is.

Like most people they think deterant......and fail to achieve any decent outcome.

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Unread post by Smash_n_machine » July 9th, 2010, 8:02 pm

whizzo wrote: living out of town and having lots of dogs works well.... big brothers place..... there are usually at least 6 full grown dogs there.....all working of them was rescued from an abusive home and is a bit is always tied up when visitors are expected....and it hates long trousers with boots and noisy cars.......that is if you get past the point locking anything when you live that far from anybody.........


this thred is disturbing reading how people have had there 4wd attempted to be stoledn multiple times myself am liek whizzo here live outa town with a few dogs nothin locked keys in teh ignition several cars all teh same even the tractor open with teh keys workshop i keep takin the keys outa my ute but then the ol fella keeps gettin up me for taking out the keys

also id liek an opinion or 2 or 3 iv got a shootin light on my 45 a cheap one mind you but still im a poor farmer shoudl i be takin it off when i dotn need it or dotn thieves worry bout roof lights?

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Unread post by et4wd » July 16th, 2010, 1:24 am

I used to have a kill switch on my 454 1 tonner that was on the fuel pump, they could start it and get it in gear and it would run out of fuel...saved the old girl more than once!
then i hooked up a kill switch to my V8 VB and VC. I used to hide them behind the grille and it used to isolate the starter motor soleniod, that worked really place for a kill switch is outside i reckon....gunna whack one on the GU soon, just gotta find a good spot!

forget the racin and stick to the social, to many people with there hand out!!!!!

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Unread post by HJ75 Rob » July 16th, 2010, 4:07 pm

So you think the chip reader in keys will stop theft or someone starting the engine, well think again :cry:
Recently on a trip to the centre I came across someone who had lost their keys, this was a Ford wagon with a security chip in the key, so what did they do? Re gig some wires, use a screw driver in the ignition lock, and bingo engine started, to stop untwitch one wire then when engine was stoped disconect the battery, they had been useing this method for some wile.

If this can be done like this these chip keys are not much good as a security device and you can bet the scrotes and car thieves will know this trick:(

Very disapointed with this high tech security :cry:

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Unread post by brstow » July 22nd, 2010, 9:06 pm

I had a kill switch on my VL years ago that saved it from being stolen, they took my battery and battery connections for some stupid reason. I walked down the road thinking I would find it smashed on the road, but nothing. I was sleeping inside and heard nothing, sold the car a few days later having to knock off about $500 off it for the smashed ignition and missing battery clamps.

Kill switches are the best thing, however the ideas on screamers sound great might have to add that to the list of must haves. The blue healer has been working well for the last four years have had no issues, compared to a smashed rear window and the front door kicked in and house ransacked in the space of 2 years pior to his appointment. Wife is much happier with him around to wake me up. I to ran out down the street in my jocks as I pulled my jeans on chasing the wa**ers who pulled up and jumped out in hoodies with baseball bats taking to my car's rear window. Made me think hard who I had pissed off. Installed 2 movement sensitive spotties at the front of house (moved & now are renting), they lit up the whole street for about 20 metres either side of the house just after that.

Until you're broken into or stolen from you don't get imaginative enough, or in my case I thought locks were for when you went on holidays. I keep everything by my side now, sleep with my keys, wallet & phone by my bed side at night and whenever leaving the hilux away from me over night I take the starter fuse/relay out, car is dead (i'm sure thieves aren't walking around with a range of fuse/relays for different models in their back packs) and I have piece of mind.

I also look over the house, shed, yard for things to grab as weapons I have something on my way to grab to the back door and something close to grab when I'm heading for the front. A cop once told a mate that a cricket bat or baseball bat can go against you if you have it pre planted in your home (ie bedside or front door) and hit a thief with it. He explained to my mate "you're a tradie, leave a bit of steel pipe under the porch or a length of 3b2 laying around the yard where they won't find it and you can grab quickly! Then you can explain to us when we come that you grabbed the first thing you saw and swung at him as he came at you"

We too also now live out bush and aren't missing the city one bit, sure we can't get milk past 10 o'clock but gees it's peacful, on top of the things happening to us at our last place there was also regular things going on across the road at the hospital. cars stolen weekly, there was some torched a few years back, kids throwing rocks and water bombs at the nurses, a street fight by a large group of youths, drug raid where street was blocked off by heavily armed police, not to mention murder and rape not uncommon in neighbouring suburbs. Gees I hope the place sells when i put it on the market soon.

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Unread post by Deano17 » July 22nd, 2010, 9:39 pm

fmd mate thats a story and a half. hope ya have better luck where you are now.

i will be placing a little tac on the end of the bolts on the spot lights.
and working towards a mobilizer. thanks for all the great ideas
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Unread post by bozo21 » July 23rd, 2010, 12:27 am

Crikey man, glad i dont live in the city. I mean, we have crime here too, but not anything like whats been mentioned. If it is laying around on the front lawn there is a chance it could go missing, but if its out the back or in the shed or bolted down then its no worries.

Dogs are great, as long as they have access to the whole yard.

I couldnt live knowing that ***** like that goes on all around me at night. No way i could bring kids up around it either.

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Unread post by brstow » July 23rd, 2010, 10:07 am

I've just past my final testing for the NSW Police on the weekend, anyone surprised I wanna join the cops?

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Unread post by Deano17 » July 23rd, 2010, 3:20 pm

i would of joined the cops but im not a rude c***.
but they do have a tough job.

anyone know about lockable nuts?, as in a key to lock the nut on the bottom of a spotlight?
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Unread post by Andy45 » August 8th, 2010, 6:52 pm

Its really a great thread, learned a lot of things from here. Thank you guys for sharing such useful info. I really mean it:D
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Unread post by V8cruza » August 11th, 2010, 10:26 pm

Midian wrote:This is one topic that really gets me going!......Well there is cameras ;motion activated that can be hidden to record theiving activities.
The one I am looking at is an electric dog fence (designed to keep the dog in the back yard)if it can be set up for 12v and make sure it doesnt damage vehicle components.
I guess a car alarm is a good idea but the best is a camp guard pref.with 12g and buckshot.
Just dont leave too much booze with him ,may not be awake when you get back!
In the last couple years I have caught two would be theives,the first one ran like no tomorrow when I screamed what I was gonna do to him .The second one came with his torch (the very night the street light went out)so I shined mine right back at him.I asked him what the f*&K c#*t was looking for and he casually walked off. I should have drilled him just to speed things up a bit! I blame the dealers up and down the road though.
Some other prevention is using nylock nuts and locktite on your lights and making it so you can only un-do them with an open end spanner of the correct size.The idea is it they most likely wont have the correct tool to remove them or will take them too long to steal so just give up.Aerials are a bit harder to secure,I havent found one for that. Usually an antenna is stuffed if you dont have the whole co-ax to go with it but they dont know that.
you could also tack weld the nuts on with a stick welder ?

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Unread post by whizzo » August 11th, 2010, 11:05 pm

Did I mention looong screws.

nothing slows a theif down like a long screw (:D lets take the crude jokes as done)

IEI used to close up theit allarm panels with 4 screws the full depth of the case.....even with a battery drill it took an age to get those open.

If you bolt something down with long bolts and up the anti by fitting nyloc nuts........they need either long sockets or tube spanners to get the nuts off at all.

one of the best nasty tricks I have heard of.... is to have a cheap safe in a relativly obvious place in the house.....fill it with here is the key..... make sure it is just big enough to be aquard........make the sucker heavy but no so heavy that a large bloke or a couple of weedy drugies would not try to carry it away...then :D......... chain it to the floor from below and make the chain just long enough that ya cant quite stand up with it....if ya lucky, the'll do their back, bust their gut and drop it on their toes...:waycool:.


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Unread post by TOYOTANUTS » August 12th, 2010, 9:46 pm

ha i love that idea whizzo

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