Stolen LED light bar (QLD)

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Stolen LED light bar (QLD)

Unread post by Bullrout » June 25th, 2014, 10:29 am

Hey all.

Bit late but better late then never.

On the 23/05/2014 I had a LED light bar stolen from my wifes D22 Nissan Navara parked out the front of my house.

The lightbar was mounted to a rhino roof rack using rhino light brackets. The mongrel took the rhino roof brackets off and cut the wiring for the light bar.

The light bar is very distinguishable. It is a 33in Chinese light bar. It has a broken glass lens that occurred when it fell of my shelf at home. When it fell, it landed on one of the end mount legs and broke the nutsert in the side cap. So I had to make 'custom' mounts for it (both ends) so that I could still fit it. These are made of a triangular piece of steel with 4 or 5 SS screws holding it into the light body, painted black (black paint was peeling off). The aim of the light bar is no longer adjustable because of these mounts.

The light bar is not worth anything. My wife liked it on our beat up old d22 so she could see any roos on the road we live on. The thing that pisses me off is they took it from my house. I do have CCTV but unfortunately didn't park the car in its line of sight on this night. That wont be happening again.

The bar was taken in Chuwar, QLD. Our road isn't a major road, so I think its someone who uses the road regularly, so I ask if anyone who lives in the Ipswich, Karana Downs, Karalee, etc area keeps an eye out for it.

All I need is a photo or licence plate of the car with it fitted.

Ive attached photos of it when it was mounted on my landcruiser as well as what it was stolen off the d22.


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