Stolen Vincent Rapide Motorcycle - Doug Spriggs

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Stolen Vincent Rapide Motorcycle - Doug Spriggs

Unread post by chris_stoffa » January 3rd, 2014, 10:06 pm

This is a slightly different stolen vehicle post due to what it is and who it was stolen from

I happened to find this info today while researching my Fathers old motorcycles - one of which was a Vincent

Its a partially restored Vincent Rapide - owned by Doug Spriggs of Arkaroola - anyone who knows anything about Arkaroola would know the name - I was lucky enough to meet and go for a 4 hour plane tour of the area with him - I'm sure that Doug would be appreciative if his bike was recovered by any 4WD'r who also happen to make up a percentage of the patronage at Arkaroola

Stolen from Williamstown, South Australia Dec 2013. South Australian Registration: TIK 592.
Engine number: F10AB/1/9364. Crankcase mating numbers: D95D.
Upper frame member: RC11188. Lower frame member: RC11188.
HRD timing cover in photo has been changed to the correct Vincent cover.
Bike damaged, in process of repair at time it was stolen:
o No head light but the bent headlight stays are attached to the bike.
o Accident damage to the left side of the fuel tank.
o Left front foot peg assembly removed.
o Left rear foot peg has no rubber.
o Centre stand (Leon Baker version) pivot assembly bent but still in place with bent left side nut and the operating link to the handle disconnected.
All control cables (except throttle) have no nipples and are in place ready for soldering.
Throttle is a dual cable type, not the standard single cable type.
Brake, clutch and de-compressor levers are in good condition. Handle bar also in good condition.
No mirrors attached.
Tail light not original, looks a bit like a late 50’s Triumph unit.
Rear mud guard has a fatigue crack stemming from a bolt hole for fixing to the rear swinging arm upper member. Note: Aluminium doubler fitted on the inside of the guard, so this repair is unique.
Rear suspension outer spring cases (SP2) chromed.
Carburetors are the later Amal Concentric versions.
Kawasaki type hydraulic steering damper on the left side under the fuel tank.
Friction dampers removed from the rear suspension/seat stays. Has home grown rear seat stays linked to plates on the lower rear of the engine/gearbox unit. i.e. rear end operates more like a Series D.
No tool tray or Vincent tools with bike.
Please contact owner, Doug Sprigg at:
email: , or phone: +61 8 86484848.
Thanks, Doug Sprigg, Arkaroola, Pvt Bag 106, Port Augusta, South Australia 5710

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