PLEASE READ FIRST! Advert Rules (inc locn in Title) & Layout

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PLEASE READ FIRST! Advert Rules (inc locn in Title) & Layout

Unread post by Peter Aawen » January 14th, 2010, 8:30 pm

Only post an advert in one section of the Classifieds.

Please include a short outline including your tyres' manufacturer/model/style, their size, and YOUR LOCATION Region &/or State (eg 4 BFG M/T's 33x10.50R15 - [Sydney]) in your thread title; and then provide the following information in your ad

ITEM: (including Quantity)

And when the items have been sold,

delete the title or replace it or any of the text,

just ADD the word SOLD to the end of the title
by editing the first post
(eg 4 BFG M/T's 33x10.50R15 - Sydney - SOLD).

If you have any hassles/questions, PM me or any other Mod & we'll try to help.

NOTE: If your 'Classifieds' thread remains inactive for more than 2 months your thread will be closed & deleted; and
Please do not post links to or duplicate your advert elsewhere in the Forum, we've collected all the classifieds in these sections to avoid attracting low lives & spammers, any links or duplicates void that effort & will not be allowed to remain!
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