1997 Prado V8 Conversion 1uz

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1997 Prado V8 Conversion 1uz

Unread post by Ghostrunner » September 2nd, 2017, 10:57 am

Been a long time since I was in here.
I had to shelve the 4Runner I was doing as the chassis was bent.
So now I have this.
1997 Prado 90 Series 5 speed manual.
Start off with it is ADR 36-00
Does not run Cats or 02 Sensors. :)
I have a 1994 1uzfe motor plus Manual conversion sitting around doing nothing.
Looking at the whole thing, It may be a bit tight on the front for a fan but with a bit of noodling around, May not be a problem with a bit of adjustments.
I have seen a few conversions unsuccessful but these were done with Auto's.
Also I plan to use a Spitronics management system.
To make it comply with emissions, A three way emissions test is all that is required.
Summing up, It is all pretty much a straight bolt up with a few details to take into consideration.
The 5vz is getting a bit tired with 340,000 K's on it.
What do you think. ???

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Re: 1997 Prado V8 Conversion 1uz

Unread post by Deans4by » September 7th, 2017, 5:22 pm

Looking forward to seeing this build progress. :thumb:
Who cares what 4wd you have just get out and use it.
MK Triton 2.8L TD a few mods goes alright.

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