What bullbar legalities are involved - alloy bar with winch?

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What bullbar legalities are involved - alloy bar with winch?

Unread post by jfoldbar » May 31st, 2016, 8:16 am

the 80 is in for a full bare metal respray at the moment. i have taken off the winch and steel bullbar. however i have an aluminium bullbar that used to be on the car and i would like to put it back on cause it looks better. because its not a winch bar i would need to make a few changes and not sure where i would stand in the eyes of the law.
basically the al bar would need to move forward 180mm to accomodate the winch behind.
i have read,
http://roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/ ... rances.pdf

and since there a few vague descriptions im not too sure.

if the bar fits in without a winch then the bumper section wraps around the side about 200-250. if the bar moves forward 180 then it could be argued that it is no longer wrapped around as much

the other thing i wonder is, the steel bar is mounted so that the rope force is in line with the bottom of chassis. im assuming this is the best height for pulling.
how much different (legal and real life winching) would it be if the mount height was lifted by about 100mm, to the top of chassis, as this works better with the al bar.

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Re: What bullbar legalities are involved - alloy bar with wi

Unread post by typhoeus » May 31st, 2016, 5:56 pm

you could make/buy a cradle for the winch so all the forces are distributed back to the chassis, and then modify the alloy bar to fit over the winch, possibly with hinges to let it tilt forward like trucks do. If you could get away with not moving it so far forward would be better, . . less overhang, more of a standard look. Alloy bars , as you may know tend to fold up under even a moderate impact, so keep that in mind also. Have you considered modifying the steel bar to make it look better?

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