Repairing/straightening bent diff

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Repairing/straightening bent diff

Unread post by mad_mat222 » March 23rd, 2018, 8:55 pm

Hi All,
I have an 80 series and the front diff is bent. Took it to a truck alignment place and they reckon it’s the worse they have seen. It’s 2+ degree camber instead of a neg basically should look like this \-/ but look like this /-\.

Question is to repair or not to repair.

I live in cairns. Anyone know anyone up here to straighten the diff.

I did have a quick look around and see superior engine get make a bare housing but seems like a lot of stuffing around welding on spring and shock mounts and ball joints etc. but I think I’ll be pushing it up hill trying to find a straight 80 diff.

Anyone had previous experience with bent diffs even in other vehicles? I might even be able to get it done on insurance. Happened on the PDR.

Brett Mcleod
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Re: Repairing/straightening bent diff

Unread post by Brett Mcleod » March 23rd, 2018, 11:23 pm

will probably cost you more to get it repaired and straightened than you can get one from the wreckers for, there's one on ebay atm under $300 ... SwMYRacNEK

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