2005 Hilux with Power Loss - any ideas why?

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2005 Hilux with Power Loss - any ideas why?

Unread post by cowboy » July 15th, 2017, 8:22 pm

OK, I've got a 2005 3ltr d4d dual cab hilux which has 160000km on the clock. Over the last 4 months I'm losing down low power and a little through the hills, but I still avg 650km out of a tank of fuel. Just wondering about any possible ideas as to why?

Do these carbon up much in the inlet area? Could that be a cause ie, due to an inlet restriction?


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Re: 2005 Hilux with Power Loss - any ideas why?

Unread post by mydmax » July 16th, 2017, 9:38 am

Perhaps over time, the valve clearances have become smaller and not operating the valves at precisely the time it was designed to happen.
A cam bucket shim adjustment may be the answer to check and restore proper clearances so the inlet and exhaust gas are all flowing in time with each other as Toyota painstakingly researched.

The valve faces and seats in the the head do wear and the valve clearances normally reduce. Sounds ok but it isn't, because the gas flows are not happening in time with the cam profile and piston position.

Of course there could be other problems like, blocked/dirty air filter, air leak into manifold....

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