Any issues with Suspension Spacer lifts?

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Any issues with Suspension Spacer lifts?

Unread post by Chopperdog » November 22nd, 2017, 12:28 pm

Anyone have experience using these? ... 2-on-30990

I've got a 12 month old Colorado ltz which I'd like a little higher, but the stock suspension is barely worn in and certainly doesn't need upgrading in terms of comfort. And I don't do anything more than beach trips so huge travel doesn't worry me.

I like the concept that these leave everything pretty stock. Any issues though? Obviously the CVs move from standard angles, but any lift would do that right? Is 45mm within sensible tolerances? And I might need longer shocks on the back. That's cool. I tried to research them a bit but the discussions are pretty techy and I get lost. Hoping someone here can explain in English :lol:

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Re: Any issues with Suspension Spacer lifts?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » November 22nd, 2017, 1:39 pm

Using that sort of 'spacer lift' on IFS suspension usually has a few legal & safety issues - you are only allowed to vary the range of OE suspension travel by a limited amount (not sure if it still varies by State - so check with your State's Authority!) and by moving where the arms are sitting when the vehicle is just standing, you will have compromised the remaining range of travel in one direction or the other (depending upon where the stops are...) so you could well be reducing the travel left to less than is safe for ANY driving!! So even if your State allows the use of spacers, you need to be very careful that your suspension arms STILL remain somewhere in about the middle third of the total available travel range achievable with that suspension design!! Ie, if you've got 3" of total suspension travel available stock, then your modified static ride height MUST remain somewhere in the middle so that it leaves AT LEAST 1" of travel up AND 1" of travel down - and since many IFS 4WD vehicles already maximise their ride height, you just may not have a heap of or even any suspension travel left to use in your proposed mods!!

Btw, your CV's aren't likely to manage anything more than a 40mm or so lift before reaching unworkable/unsafe angles, & I doubt very much that using 45mm spacers in your suspension to vary your static ride height will actually result in JUST a 45mm lift!! The spacers may impact on your ride height more than you expect due to their impact in relation to the spindle changes vs the length of the arms... 45mm spacers could give you a 30mm lift or a 70mm lift - both of which may be well beyond safe!! You will hafta check very carefully, & bear in mind that YOU are the person responsible for ensuring the legality & safety of your vehicle - not the place/person who might sell you something that is waaaayyyy beyond safe or legal without any qualms or warnings! :eek:

You might be better off looking at replacement spindles or struts with the specified raised ride height built in... no issues then with changing the range of suspension travel cos if all remains exactly the same, but you will still need to ensure you remain within legal height & suspension travel parameters. Or you could just fit larger dia tyres, that'll give your vehicle a lift for EVERYTHING that's carried by the wheels, but it might also require a gearing change in order to let the engine have the grunt at the right revs & still drive well on AND off road!! And bear in mind, generally speaking, any suspension, wheel, or gearing mod that's gonna be good for off roading is likely to be bad for on road driving... & vice versa!

Good Luck! ;)
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