When should I next rotate my tyres?

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When should I next rotate my tyres?

Unread post by Gordo450 » January 26th, 2016, 6:42 pm

Gday All, I'm running 33" Mickey Thompson MTZ's which I first rotated after 15,000kms (bit slack I know), and its been 5,000km since then. My question is should I keep all rotations at 15,000 or bring it back to every 5 or 10,000? I have been bringing the spare into mix as well


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Re: When should I next rotate my tyres?

Unread post by typhoeus » January 26th, 2016, 7:00 pm

I check the depth every couple of months or so. You start to notice the difference in wear at about 6 months ( for me, I do about 300Km / week) I put the one with most read on the RHR, the least tread goes in the spare & the others swap side to side. They seem to be wearing fairly evenly. I have Bridgestone A/Ts

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Re: When should I next rotate my tyres?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » January 26th, 2016, 10:46 pm

About 10,000 km is as long as you'd really want to let any tyres go between rotating their position on the car - any more, then if there is a problem that's caused uneven wear on the tyres you probably won't be able to 'wear it out' again.... ever... regardless of how often you rotate them or how soon you correct whatever issue caused the wear!!

So even tho you may have missed some wear issues with that first 15k run, if you continue to rotate at no longer than 10,000 km intervals& correct any issues/balance concerns causing uneven wear then you should get close to the best life out of them as you could expect. Sure, it may have been a tad longer life if you hadn't gone 15k first up, but you can't get that back & by sticking to 10k intervals you won't be likely to be shortening their potential life any more by running them too long anywhere causing wear issues. ;)

Oh, & smart move bringing the spare into the mix - that way, if you ever do hafta use the spare down track some time, it'll be at close to the same tread depth as all the rest & therefore rolling dia and so it won't create any driveline or traction issues regardless of the terrain &/or surface you are driving on! :thumb:
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Re: When should I next rotate my tyres?

Unread post by vtssdude » January 28th, 2016, 2:05 pm

My tyre place advised me every 10,000km.

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Re: When should I next rotate my tyres?

Unread post by jetmf » February 12th, 2016, 5:16 pm

We're almost the same, I usually do it every 9,500 km, max is 10,000km.
What tyres do you use?
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