do i need to upgrade suspension after adding canopy + drawer

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Re: do i need to upgrade suspension after adding canopy + dr

Unread post by Midwester » October 14th, 2016, 12:51 am

Just for those thinking of a suspension upgrade, my 2013 BT rear springs fully loaded (dinghy on roof, fuel and water for 10 days outboard etc etc) ended up with about 20mm of travel till the rubber stopper. Probably overloaded yes but the factory springs are set up for ride. I installed a heavy duty Tough Dog set of springs front and rear, foam cell shocks on the front and adjustable shocks on the back. I gained 100mm (not a lift kit just heavy duty) and the ride is better than factory. Obviously pretty firm but super stable, the adjustable shocks on the back really good to stiffen up when towing and setting soft for corrugations. Cost about $2500, money well spent, been on for 6mnths and have completed a trip with same load, they have only sagged 5mm.

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