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"Forgotten Country" Book Wanted

Posted: August 8th, 2010, 3:45 pm
by Wombat_47
I see that Isabel Wilkinson's book, Forgotten Country, is often recommended to those who have an interest in entering the wilderness of the Upper Clarence to do a spot of gold prospecting.

My g-g-aunt, Mary Hannan married Paulo Marcolino - and if you know anything of the history of gold in the Upper Clarence, you will know who he is.

My g-g-grandmother, Alice and her husband, John Hemfil (who was also the first cousin of Alice and Mary) settled at Washpool Creek where they raised a large family of daughters, some of who married gold prospectors, and family members also worked for Paulo.

I know Paulo is mentioned in Forgotten Country (as he is in Corn Beef & Damper which I have) and would dearly love to get hold of a copy of this now out-of-print book.

If anyone has a copy of Forgotten Country gathering dust ...

Posted: August 8th, 2010, 4:25 pm
by BennyT50

Had a bit of a search around, but couldn't find anything available. One did go on ebay a while back. I too am interested in local history of my area, so I know how it feels - that's why I did a search for you.

Best I can find are Poems Extracted from Forgotten Country, but that is all. The National Library does have one for reading only.

Best of luck and I will keep my eyes open as well.


Posted: August 8th, 2010, 5:37 pm
by Captain Cupcake
If you want the book, your best bet is to get in contact with petrol station at Tabulam (sorry, don't know the number:()

The have it stocked!! Price will be around about $20+
Don't forget the book "Corn Beef & Damper, Lives (life?) of the Yulgilbar Selectors" another bloody good read. Delves into the family's that took up land in the area.

I hope this helps,

Posted: August 9th, 2010, 10:23 am
by Wombat_47
Thanks so much, Captain Cupcake. Rang Tabulam this morning, but unfortunately, someone has bought it. So, I'm still looking for a copy.

I already have Corn Beef and Damper, which contains a bio written by Paulo Marcolino (when? 1880's? - he died in 1891). He gave the year of arrival, 1854, in Australia, which had previously been unknown. Eventually tracked him down arriving Melbourne on the Carpentaria but listed as (Mr) Marco Leano.

For those interested in the area, Paulo initially discovered gold at a place he called Solferino. He had owned a number of mines in the area including the Lombardy and Garibaldi Mines, the latter later owned by fellow Italian Tom Bassetti. Bassetti was amongst the party who, in 1912, broke through the walls of the Garibaldi mine to discover the Garibaldi Crystal mine - from the descriptions given, a fairyland cave of crystalline calcite crystals, up to 2 feet or more in diameter, reflecting light from the walls and roof. Much of the crystal was later exported to Germany for the manufacture of high-grade lenses.

The extraction of the blocks of crystal, packing, and despatch of each consignment of crystal was supervised by a Dr Stroebel, who travelled to Grafton with each consignment to see it safely on its way. Spose it's all gone now.


Posted: August 9th, 2010, 5:42 pm
by woolgoolgaoffroad
arrr, nice area that.
The only bet might be a trip to Grafton library to get it photocopied....
I am going through grafton on saturday heading west for several days, so if you get lucky pm me and i can pick it up for you.

Posted: August 10th, 2010, 7:00 am
by Wombat_47
Thank you for your kind offer but I'm off to Grafton myself later this year.

Australian copyright laws dictate that a maximum of 10% of a book can be legally photocopied. I've noticed the librarians in my local library keeping a watchful eye on what is being copied.

I had a lot of rellies, apart from Paulo and Mary Marcolino, in Grafton and the Upper Clarence area. Hence my interest in the book. I also think the maps could be useful.

Posted: August 10th, 2010, 7:00 pm
by dustndiesel
A few months ago i was at the ''clarence river historical society'' (Schaeffer house) researching some stuff in that area. And they had the set of ''Isabel Wilkinson'' book's.. And also had some for sale... cant remember which one's though..I also have some old maps to all the mines in the area and some very old photo's of lionsville, solferino ect if you are interested. Daniel

Re: "Forgotten Country" Book Wanted

Posted: December 5th, 2010, 8:31 pm
by woolgoolgaoffroad
Hey Wombat,
How did you go finding this book ?
I have just accuired a book by isabel Wilkinson named
''Corn Beef & Damper..... Lives of the Yulgilbar Selectors "

Re: "Forgotten Country" Book Wanted

Posted: June 14th, 2017, 12:40 pm
by BrisGazza
Hi there , i know this is quite old but thought i would throw in that i have 4 books by Isabel Wilkinson for sale , they are Forgotten Country , Corn Beef & Damper & A Place by the River parts 1 & 2 , all in good condition , these books are not available in shops any more & are quite hard to get . I paid over $ 100 for Forgotten Country alone a few years ago , will consider any reasonable offers for the lot , Gazza .