Ride On Mowers?

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Re: Ride On Mowers?

Unread post by hoyks » September 14th, 2015, 4:52 pm

I wouldn't plan too much around lawn mowing. When the wheat game is off the boil, the grass won't be growing either.

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Re: Ride On Mowers?

Unread post by Wilesy » September 17th, 2015, 1:51 pm

I know a little about ride on mowers, I have a couple and mow about 6-7 acres of manicured grass on my property and one thing I can advise is once you have a zero turn, everything else is just a toy. I used to spend about 7 hours cutting my lawns on a 17 HP Craftsman, which does the job pretty well until I bought a Toro Time cutter zero turn, now it takes me about 3 hours to do everything. I have had my Toro now for about 5 years and have given it a pounding and it still works like the day I picked it up, can't recommend Toro highly enough. I have the mulch kit installed and it does an amazing job, couldn't be happier.

I purchased one which didn't have a fabricated deck, though you don't really need one if you are not using it extensively and in really rough ground, the standard deck does the job well. This is just a small area of my backyard and it does a mighty job. What you see there, about 2 acres takes about an hour or so.
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Re: Ride On Mowers?

Unread post by cmar » November 3rd, 2015, 12:35 am

I had a secondhand Greenfield which I think was an ex commercial mower job, but nevertheless I replaced the clutch plates and put another 20 years on it, I replaced the drive belts about every two rears on average and the chains twice in this time. I also replaced the 12HP Briggs when it protested my pushing it through really thick (metre high) grass by tossing the conrod out the side of the engine casing. It still goes with the replacement (secondhand) engine but really was getting a bit tired, so 2 years ago I replaced it with a Chinese Sanli which is a near exact copy of the old Rover Ranger. It has the same drive system as the Greenfield and surprisingly, seems quite well made, 2 years now and so far the only thing to break was one belt.
Will it last as long - probably not, but it cost the same new as the Greenfield did second hand, so we will see.

I need this type of mower as our seven acres is hilly and quite steep in parts and a normal hydro drive would burn out in no time (and leave me stuck at the bottom in wet weather). Having both rear wheels driving all the time is just perfect for me. I I tried a normal gearbox mower for a while ( someone gave me one) and it lasted 2 years before the gearbox let go, so back to the Greenfield I went. I must admit I think that ride ons with a cutter plate underneath - like Greenfield, Cox, older Rovers etc cut long grass better than cutter bars, like on many of the newer american design "lawn tractor" type rideons.
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