Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

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Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by Indy Hepburn » June 5th, 2015, 7:21 pm

Hi guys I am not sure if this is a good brand? does anyone have one of these??:confused:

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trustfire-TR ... ken=U2bv9D

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Trustfire-18 ... ken=jqtj2N

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Rechargeable ... ken=9i28Pk

Not sure which one to get?

Your Help is much appreciated !:D
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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by BigDutchy » June 5th, 2015, 8:14 pm

Hey mate

I bought a head torch/lamp the other day from Ebay. It's a great product and the light is just to much. Really happy with it but
the batteries they use are the same as the ones used in the torches you are talking about. They are great but they look like AAA or AA batteries but they are not. Not even close. The downside of that to me is that I can't just run into a servo and grab some spare batteries. Not all of these batteries can be charged in the car.
Keep that in mind.


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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by nilla60 » June 5th, 2015, 9:13 pm

How about a good LED headlamp? I find I pretty much have never touched my torch since headlamps with high output LEDs became available.

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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by Rogers Cruiser » June 6th, 2015, 5:07 am


I have a few of these (yes a few - 2 in my fire brigade pockets, 2 in the car and 2 in the bedside tables)

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/UltraFire-CR ... 1e8b2dfbc4

They are pretty damn fantastic, and they use the rechargeable 18650 batteries, I think I picked up 20 of those for less then $30.

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/UltraFire-Li ... 51cd0b1e66
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/8x-5000mAh-3 ... 35eaff4eeb

I also have one of these head lamps, It also takes 18650's and can also act as a 240V or 12V recharger.

http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Zoomable-2XQ ... 20f4f77706

+ 1 4x 240V chargers

Overall its damn cheap, and you can set yourself up with multiple torches, and a headlamp with 10+ spare batteries and 2 chargers (240V and 12V) for less then $70. and all the torches are zoomable, which seems like its trivial but its great for pointing out something to someone in the dark. All have multiple modes, including a couple of dimmer ones which is very usefull.
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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by Goldylux » June 6th, 2015, 9:51 am

At work we need lights to see inside equipment. We get given led torches
but they are rubbish.

I have an Eveready head lamp with the strap pulled off. Has red light,white light and
two settings for each.One button,dead easy to use and pretty powerful.

Ive had mine for about a year and it has been burnt accidentally,dropped,and even dropped in the
test tank at work. The thing is tough.

I think it was about 30bucks from bcf. Takes AAA's off memory and came with some.

Must be pretty economical as well. Ive changed the battery's once and it's used
every weekday just about.

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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by kerry460 » June 6th, 2015, 3:47 pm

i have a fair few different ones ,
from cheap ones through to magtorch magcharger ones fitted with a 1000 lumen led .
they all have there uses ,
i think it very much depends on your use , your budget ,
etc etc

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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by pighunter308 » June 11th, 2015, 5:02 pm

Led lenser. A bit dear but are very good . IMO

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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by Gary_M » June 11th, 2015, 5:43 pm

How much do you want me to bore you?

I have about 50 lights here. Everything from a Solarforce S2200 with an MT-G2 LED running 3 x 18650s at about 2200 ANSI lumens to light up a field, to a Fenix TK61 with a range of 1 lux at 800mts, a couple of Supbeam X40s and a K50 (each of these are around $100-200).

I have nice EDC (pocket) units that give up to 500 lumens, real lumens (ANSI), not Chinese lumens, but short run times due to small battery (16340 and 14500s).

I have a lot more sensible 18650 lights too, again ranging from budget to pricey. As well as some 26650 units too.

Yeah, its a tad of a habit.

Be aware these Li ion batteries can be deadly. All batteries pose risks, we all know that, but li ion is seriously dangerous stuff. The HF gas that is given off if they cascade and vent is, well its life changing. The lights are sealed, to keep water out, so when they vent, and they vent hard when they go, th light is a pipe bomb with glass and aluminium for shrapnel.

If you want to go that route, get quality cells, from brands like LG, Sanyo, Sony, Panasonic. Avoid anything with the name fire in it. Im not joking. Ultrafire, Trustfire, Uranusfire (again, not joking). Its the most abused name. They are copying a very expensive US brand, SureFire.

Dont get me wrong, some of the brands lights are OK, and can be great if modded and budget. But the batteries are dangerous and should be banned.

Do not get sucked by the convenience of in light charging systems, unless paying a small fortune, they are sub standard and would never meet local requirements for safety.

Chargers, the Nitecore D4 is a good budget choice, it uses CC/CV when charging li ion, and has DV/DT for Nimh. This is what you want in a charger, I wont bore you with details unless you want me too, and because Im far from technical enough to do so with any real depth anyway. Do not get an I4 if you want to use it for nimh such as Eneloops, it does not use DV/DT however its fine as a dedicated Li ion charger. The D4 can be had for around $40, but you will need an old cord like the old tape decks used to use (the figure 8 plugged type leads, any will do)

Another is the XTAR VP2, but does not charge nimh at all and is around the $40 mark. The VP4 does both nimh and li ion, and has all the goodies with it.

Both the XTAR and the Nitecore can be used with 18650s inserted to charge a mobile device such as phone too via a USB out.

If you want a fancy charger that can do some diagnostics on batteries, then the Opus BC3100 is a decent budget choice. Just make sure you get v.2.1 as the earlier have some issues with them.

Lights Define your budget for me? How much do yuou want to spend on batteries, and chargers, and the light?

The XintD X3 is a great torch. Its driver can run on 3x AA (alkaline or nimh) with incl carrier, or 1x 18650 with included sleeve, or 1 x 26650. But its not pants pocket friendly, but will be fine in a jacket or console.

If you want to go to something more there are Solarforce with P60 drop ins. These have limited heat management potential (biggest killer of performance and LEDs is heat) but its fine at the amperage these are run at. These are great too, excellent anno on the L2P and can be blinged with SS tailcaps and bezels, these are a tad lego like and SF make all the bits to suit. Around $40 gets a nice blinged L2P with about 400 lumens. Note real lumens, not the ******* Chinese lumens. 1000 is in reality, 150-200.

If you hunt, then a Maxtoch (not ...torch, toch) is a good choice and around $80. Great beam, but the light can withstand life mounted on a rifle too. These were built in consultation with hunters in I think NZ, Aus and the US, but made in China to a high standard. Just as most lights are today anyway. These run really bright, are driven nicely and guys I know that mod lights, dont bother modding these. They are that good.

An XML LED is capable of 1000 lumens, but they never make torches that way due to heat management, I have to mod the crap out of them to make that kind of output. An XML2 is a tad better in its generally available in better bins so brighter but in reality its benefit is its slightly more efficient. XPG is a tiny LED and as such has less overall lumens, but better throw.

IMO, stick to XML XML2 or XPL. XPL is just an XML emitter chip on an XPG footprint, it performs like an XML3 (which does not exist).

I have more, much more if you really want it.

Before dismissing what I say re: safety, watch this clip... li ion is currently being discussed re its potential to bring down aricraft, and that is may have a role in current missing planes. Its genuinely fucking scary when it goes wrong. 1300F fire, that is near impossible to extinguish, it just burns itself out and they seek to contain it to the battery in cascade or thermal runaway, and stop it spreading to others with halide systems or whatever they are.


Not all the gas, that stuff will mess you up for life. Think 70 yr old smoker with severe emphysema. Its a foil pack so theres no shrapnel, but imagine that pressure in a torch, and then realise the glass lens, the tailcap, the circuitry, all potential projectiles.

Never mix li ion batteries. Never use old and new, never use fully charged and semi charged. Its not alkaline, and its far less forgiving.Make sure you choose protected cells, Japanese cells, with Seiko protection circuits, the Chinese circuits can be OK, but its a lottery.

Give me a budget, and Ill find you something suitable. But if you want to scrimp on batteries and the charger, youre on your own.

LED Lensers are fine, over priced but fine IMO. They are not driven well so lack performance IMO. If you can get a P7 under $50 its great, if its over 100, I can tell yout eh XinTD X3 I mention is far better, its larger headed so should be better too, but its around $40. Leaving room for quality batteries, and a great charger. There is a clone of the LED Lenser (several actually), one called the Poplite. Ebay is full of scam cut price 'legit authorised dealer' LED Lensers. Poplite is apparently not a bad clone, Ive not had one myself.
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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by Gary_M » June 11th, 2015, 6:12 pm

Out of the three you linked, only the Trustfire TR-J12 rates IMO. The biggest problem with these lights is its not like youd expect, its unpredictable.

An Icom UHF is an Icom UHF, same for a particular tyre or cans of Coke but with these lights they are copied, and the copies are copied, and the brands and models kept the same, China has bugger all copyright protections so they are abused. It can come from the same factory, or a different factory, and in both cases can be like chalk and cheese. Even units within a run at one factory vary from good out of the box, to some thing that requires far too much work to make it right.

Basically a Chinese co might get a contact to make lights for Aus co 1, and then the Chinese co makes them for themselves as well with lesser bits using the same name or another. Then the copy is cloned by Company D, who makes it cheaper and nastier again. And it goes on.

Sometimes, there are clones that are awesome, and allow for excellent modding potential too.

Its a lottery. Ebay just complicates that.

There was a light a while back that was a great mod potential light, a HD2010. But then a heap of them started turning up without any surface area to wick heat from the LED to the body. Some had sub par driver circuits. Some had both. There was various HD2010s under various ****fire brands.

OK, Im done now. :D

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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by THE RIG » June 13th, 2015, 2:08 am

that's some good information there gary, very thought out.

I have a couple of 2000 Lumen torches, cant remember the brand, but have had them for approx. 3 yrs with no dramas. the light output is excellent, they also take the 18650 batteries.

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Re: Which LED torch to get? ON a Budget!

Unread post by Fenring » June 13th, 2015, 6:52 am

What do you want the torch for mate?

An everyday use thing?

Long range thrower?

Big flooder?

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