Noticed an Amorak Rear Wheel Carrier/Tow Bar moving - yours?

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Noticed an Amorak Rear Wheel Carrier/Tow Bar moving - yours?

Unread post by 4wd Hobbit » August 26th, 2013, 12:11 am

I spotted a Amorak towing a large Lotus Vogue van the other day. The tow bar on the Amorak was combined with a rear wheel carrier that had the spare and two jerry spots.

As the rig was travelling along the road the whole towbar/rear carrier was moving back and forth with the bounce of the van. The top of the wheel carrier was moving beck and forward by about 2cm as towball load increased and decreased and it looked as if the mounting points were loose.

I called the driver on chan 40 and he indicated that it was normal and the wheel carrier did rock forward and back. I later saw the same rig 200km up the road and it was still chugging along quite Ok.

Nevertheless I think it odd that the whole thing rocks back and forward - any Amorak owners noticed this with their rear wheel carriers/tow bar when towing heavy weights.

The other odd aspect of the tow bar was that the actual hitch was the smaller size (2"??) but seemed to be working fine with not bending at the load came on and off the bar. Again is it normal for these to use these smaller hitches that I would have now only associated with lightweight gear.



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