Subaru Snow Driving The High Country

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Subaru Snow Driving The High Country

Unread post by yarney » July 5th, 2015, 11:25 am

This is a short video of our last trip to The Victorian High Country
The road we where on is Janerson to Lacola Rd at Mt Skene i was using my dash cam

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Re: Subaru Snow Driving The High Country

Unread post by Peter Aawen » July 5th, 2015, 12:53 pm

It's a totally different world out there under a few inches of snow, isn't it?! I've spent a lot of time driving Subaru's (& other 4WD's & 2WD's for that matter) around the Snowy Mountains, on roads like those you showed and on tracks & goat trails a heap less formed defined than them covered by snow, sometimes a helluva lot more snow too - pretty interesting driving hey! You've got some great vids out there. :thumb:

Those vids of the Subies at Levuka are yours too, aren't they?? Some pretty good driving to be had there too, as well as some impressive tracks & climbs they conquered! Was the Landy driver very embarrassed by his effort?? Or didn't he stop around long enough to watch ALL the Subies do what he couldn't?! :lol:

Here's an aside for anyone considering posting up vids of 4WD'ing (so don't take this as being aimed specifically at you yarney :0 ) but I've watched quite a few 4WD Vids lately (being stuck at home with a shoulder immobilised in a cast & the other arm/hand sling can do that to you!!) but honestly, I dunno about everybody else, and I'm not saying any of the music I've heard recently has been particularly 'offensive' (altho some definitely wouldn't have been my choice for the particular vids) but I really do like to be able to hear the motors revving & the tyres working on the tracks (as well as hearing any comments or shouts of joy from the watchers too!) IMO adding ANY music to 4WD vids just detracts from any enjoyment & impression that potential viewers might get!! Hey, I'd much rather listen to the bush & it's 'music' than to anything dubbed on later.... :( I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that, and even if some viewers do happen like the particular choice of music on a vid, there are sure to be others that won't.... why risk it, in fact, why spoil your vid for at least some of the potential viewing audience?? OK, getting off my little soapbox now, but hopefully some food for thought when anyone is thinking about posting up vids next?! ;)
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