My Ranger/Endeavour Offroad

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My Ranger/Endeavour Offroad

Unread post by Ranger333 » March 23rd, 2014, 4:46 pm

Hi all, thought i'd share some videos of my Ranger/Endeavour wagon version from a recent offroad trip. Just put on some 33x12.5x15s and am really impressed with the performance offroad:

A really intimidating obstacle at first - had to make two tires climb a near vertical wall to get through. Real nerve racking but awesome obstacle. Couple jeeps ended up losing traction and flipping on this one: ... SUoObM7S8K

Second obstacle: ... SUoObM7S8K

Third obstacle: the S climb. This one was pretty tough because there were some turns mixed in with the 70 meter long climb covered on loose dirt. Got unlucky on the first attempt but made it on the second. ... SUoObM7S8K

This was a good one. Steep drop immediately followed by a long bendy climb. Nowhere to gain momentum. ... SUoObM7S8K

A really bumpy roller coaster of a climb. Damn it was jumping around all over the place, you can hear the tool box shaking around in the back. This really highlighted the problem with leaf springs vs coils for me because a Pajero came up shortly after me and it was much much smoother through the humps. ... SUoObM7S8K
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