A deep crossing of the Balfour Track

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A deep crossing of the Balfour Track

Unread post by vk1dx » February 21st, 2014, 6:41 am

Late last year I happened to see the video of Roothy and a bunch of cars in the NW of Tasmania. So we had a look around there over Christmas. Waited at the Balfour Track for ages for someone else to come along so I had company in case we go stuck. No trees there to winch out with.

So we decided to go on our own. Yes the water was nice and deep and muddy but it was not hard at all. Took us a couple of hours to do the whole track which I estimated at around 16Ks. Plenty of deep crossing with water lapping at the windscreen. And unfortunately we got gallons (lots) of water inside. The panel beater left that plastic membrane in the doors off.

That was followed at home by me completely stripping the car of seats and hosing, scrubbing and washing the carpets three times to get the stink out. Even the two front seats needed a scrub. All good now and as clean as a baby's ***.

I watched them use masking tape to fix it when I complained. Told them not do do any more. Spent a total of $20 at Bunnings and it's as good as new with new membrane and the correct glue which they said was not available. Hmmmm If they hadn't done such a good job on the rest of the car I would name and shame them. So don't ask who it was. Just check your next job for the stuff "hidden under the carpet".

This isn't any Baz Lurhman production and is from a cheap windscreen camera. But with hindsight one would say take a mate.



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