Never Wet, and Ever Dry

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Never Wet, and Ever Dry

Unread post by Ezookiel » February 18th, 2013, 2:22 pm

First saw this "Never Wet" product discussed last year, when they were saying it would be available in early 2012.
So super-hydrophic that even Hershey's Chocalate Syrup just pours straight off anything that has been treated with it.
But at last check, they still weren't on the market.

Now while looking for them, I found this almost identical product called "Ever Dry" (even similar sorts of names) which IS available (a one quart sized container of the two different products, is apparently around $160 for the two)

There's footage somewhere of the second product on a calculator's circuit board, and the calculator then operating underwater, with an identical uncoated one dying immediately, and an iphone coated with it, running a 30 minute timer impervious to the water around it.

This stuff if it was clear enough to put on windscreens (which it apparently isn't) would make Rainex look pitiful.
But spray the underside of your car with it, or the whole car including engine bay, and it would be fully immune to salt water, spilled oil, etc etc.
The uses for these products really only stops with the imagination of people thinking of what you could do with it.

Just in:
(apparently there's a product called "invisible wipers" that is transparent, and does coat windscreens, and is vastly better than Rainex, so if it wasn't a Polish website that you have to use Google to translate properly, I'd probably consider trying it)

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