*READ FIRST!!! - Advert Rules (inc YOUR Location in Title)

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*READ FIRST!!! - Advert Rules (inc YOUR Location in Title)

Unread post by Peter Aawen » July 3rd, 2010, 1:07 pm

Only post an advert in one section of the Classifieds.

Please include a short outline of what you want or want to swap and YOUR LOCATION Region &/or State eg

'WTD GQ Front Cheesy Bar - [Sydney]' or

'SWAP GQ Front Cheesy Bar for Twin Spare Wheel carrier - [Newcastle area]'

in your thread title; and then provide the following information in your advert

ITEM(s) Description (make sure you specify if you want from them or have to Swap & include the Quantity your require/want to get rid of!)
CONDITION: (eg Used but immaculate; or Any condition - just workable!)
Wanted or Swap CONDITIONS:
(eg Pick Up only, or Plus Cash if applicable, etc)
(ie - As is where is, you need to remove from site by 31'st Feb)
(A SMALL pic or a Thumbnail or two can make a big difference in getting a result!)

And when you have found or swapped the items DO NOT delete the title or replace it entirely or remove/replace any of your text/posts,

just ADD the word DONE to the end of the title by editing the first post
(eg 'WTD GQ Cheesy Bar - Sydney - DONE' or 'SWAP GQ Front Cheesy Bar for Twin Spare Wheel carrier - Newcastle area - DONE').

If you have any hassles/questions, PM me or any other Mod & we'll ry to help.

NOTE: If your 'Classifieds' thread remains inactive for more than 2 months your thread may be closed & deleted; and
Please do not post links to or duplicate your advert elsewhere in the Forum, we've collected all the classifieds in these sections to avoid attracting low lives & spammers, any links or duplicates void that effort & will not be allowed to remain!
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