New 4WD Club?

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New 4WD Club?

Unread post by Kieren » March 14th, 2012, 10:50 am

G'day all,

As a 4WD owner, I'm always pretty keen to head out and get the wheels dirty, but I've found living in the far north of SA (Roxby Downs) doesn't give me much of a chance to head out on club trips, as the nearest club (Whyalla) is 3hrs away, and from what I can gather, isn't all that active (?)

Living in, and driving around Roxby, it's easy to notice there is a huge abundance of 4WD's to be found. There's been a few RFDS Tag-A-Long tours which have had great turnouts, but nothing more.

So I had the thought of starting up a 4WD club in town, but the issue is, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed..

So I was hoping a few of you might have some tips/help/hints etc, on how to proceed to set up a club and to go about formalising trips/meetings, etc

Any info would be appreciated.

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Re: New 4WD Club?

Unread post by Peter Aawen » March 14th, 2012, 11:08 am

Check out the info (& the list of Clubs affiliated) on the State Association Website There's access to info on setting up Clubs, sample constitutions & by-laws etc, and probly some info on any nearby Clubs (and others) too. Most of the State Assoc Affiliated Clubs actually encourage prospective members to visit or even do a trip or two with them and sort out if you like them (& they like you) before you sign on and spend money, so you could probly check a few out if it doesn't mean too much driving - Pt Augusta probly has something (I haven't looked mind you) & could be a tad closer than Whyalla.

And not only will the State Assoc &/or an Affiliated Club give you access to a whole range of things including Nationally Accredited 4WD Driver Training, 4WD & Camping Gear Insurance, organised trips with like minded people, ideas on modding/enhancing your vehicle etc, there's also people associated with them that generally have a pretty good idea of where to go and what to do in the way of 4WDing in just about any 'local area' and where to go what to see in the broader area too!

BTW, I've moved this to the Forum's Clubs & Groups section for SA. And if you have any hassles getting on to the State Assoc website or just questions about setting up a Club here in SA, drop me a PM & I'll see what I can do to help. ;)
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Re: New 4WD Club?

Unread post by TUFF HJ60 » March 21st, 2012, 5:56 pm

Kieren, firstly let me say a big GOOD ON YA!
I lived and worked in Roxby for a while a few yrs back and theres 4x4s everywhere.
Good luck mate and i reckon its a great idea.
Keep us Posted.

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