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New Club Website (VIC)

Unread post by tektrek » June 17th, 2012, 10:58 pm

Do you enjoy watching off road touring TV programs and wished you could do something similar, meeting people from all walks of life while learning how to expand your off road capabilities and experiencing some of the remote and secluded beauty spots this great country has to offer?

If you answered yes then a great new and unique opportunity could be the answer to all your questions and dreams with the Going 4WD Club.

We have exciting and educational day and long weekend trips each month which will show you rarely seen terrain, wildlife and historical places. We will also show you how to venture into the great outdoors safely, either alone or in the company of others. Our club caters to all tastes ranging from mild to just short of wild and we accept All Wheel Drives along with Four Wheel Drives.

You gain access to special member discounts on camping and off road equipment, driver training tips and tricks, map reading training, bush survival and camping skills, touring information and support and technical advice.

In order to fit in with our every increasing busy lives, monthly general club meetings are held on selected day trips. Having our meetings on a trip gets around the problem of fitting in a meeting during a busy working week night and for some members, it is a means around finding a baby sitter mid-week.

Membership Rates
$95.00/12 Months – Single/Couple/Family
$65-00/12 months - Rural & Interstate Membership
Valid until June 30, 2012

Pro Rata Membership Rates
$70.00 October ~ June 30th
$45.00 January ~ June 30th

Why not join us as a guest on a day trip to see what we have to offer? We offer prospective new members the opportunity of joining us for a modest fee of $10-00 in joining us for a day. If our club appeals to you we will deduct the guest fee from the membership fee.

For further information email the club -

or visit our new website (you may need to update your Flash Player as this site is Flash based).

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